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x-intercept = (-6, 0)

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Q: Find the coordinates of the x-intercept -x -2 y equals 6?
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What is the xintercept for this linear equation 6x - y equals 9?


What is the coordinates for y equals x y equals -x plus 2?

The coordinates of the point of intersection is (1,1).

What are the coordinates of the line x-y equals 2 that intersects the of curve x squared-4y squared equals 5?

If you mean the coordinates of the line x-y = 2 that intersects the curve of x2-4y2 = 5 Then the coordinates work out as: (3, 1) and (7/3, 1/3)

What are the coordinated when x-2y equals 8 intersects with xy equals 24?

The coordinates are: (-4, -6) and (12, 2)

Find the solution set for -x plus 5y equals -2?


When point A has coordinates 65 and the point B has coordinates 2-1 find the coordinates of the midpoint of AB?

oh my goodness not even dr.sheldon cooper can answer that

What is the parabola y equals -x2-3x plus 2?

It is the parabola such that the coordinates of each point on it satisfies the given equation.

How do you graph x plus y equals 2 and x-y equals 4?


How do you find the midpoint in a given segment?

If the coordinates of the end points are (a,b) and (c,d) then the midpoint is the point whose coordinates are [(a+c)/2, (b+d)/2]

Find the distance between the points -10 8 and -2 -7?

Use Pythagoras' Theorem: calculate the square root of ((difference of x-coordinates)2 + (difference of y-coordinates)2).

The coordinates of a triangle are (-1,1),(3,0) , and (1,-4) . Find the coordinates of the translated triangle if the translation vector is (1,-2)?

All you have to do is add the numbers and determine how much the numbers change. In your case, the new coordinates are (0, -1), (4, -2), (2, -6).

The midpoint of the coordinates (9 11) and (7 8) is?

To find the midpoint, you find the mean (average) of each direction's coordinates. The average of the x coordinates is (9+7)/2 = 8. The average of y coordinates is (11+8)/2 = 9.5, So the midpoint is (8,9.5). This same method works for 3 and higher dimensions.