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oh my goodness not even dr.sheldon cooper can answer that

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Q: When point A has coordinates 65 and the point B has coordinates 2-1 find the coordinates of the midpoint of AB?
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What city has the coordinates of 21 north and 157 west?

The coordinates 21 north and 157 west point to a location in the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii but not specifically to a city.

What quadrant is -21 in?

To assign a point to a quadrant, you need TWO coordinates - the x-coordinate, and the y-coordinate.

What is the midpoint between 3 and 21?


What is 40 degrees N Latitude and 116 degrees E longitude?

It's a set of geographic coordinates, describing a point on the surface of the earth. The point described by these coordinates is in northeastern China, about 21 miles west-northwest of the center of Beijing.

When is the halfway point through the winter season?

Winter typically begins December 21 and ends March 20. Therefore, the midpoint occurs February 3-4.

What nationally observed day U.S. mark's winter midpoint?

Christmas is close, but the solstice is actually on 21 December. For those who reckon 21 December as the start of winter, the midpoint is Groundhog Day, 2 February.

What is the midpoint of AB if A is -3 and 12 and B is 21 and -8?

(9, 2)

Find the city latitude 21 01 N and longitude 105 52 E?

The nearest city to those coordinates is Giap Dat.

What country has the coordinates of 21 degrees north and 158 degrees west?

That point is in the Pacific Ocean, about 23 miles southwest of the center of Honolulu HI, which is a part of the USA.

What are the coordinates of the color Golden Brown?

153, 101, 21.

What are the coordinates for the color Red-Violet?

199, 21, 133.

What number is between 15 and 27?

The number at the midpoint of these two numbers is (15 + 27)/2 = 21