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Even number

Rational number

Composite number

As a fraction: 64/1

As a decimal: 64.0

82 = 64

26 = 64

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Q: Five names for 64
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64 = LXIV in Roman numerals.

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5/8 of 64 is 40.

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26, 43, 82, 64 and √4096.

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Thirty-five percent of $64 is $22.40. 35/100*64=22.4

How do you write five names for 64?

In word form- Sixty-four; In expanded form-6x10 + 4x1; In place value form- 6 tens + 4 ones; In arabic numeral form- 64; In Roman numeral- LXIV

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64% of 75= 64% * 75= 0.64 * 75= 48

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Five tenths to the power of -6 is 64

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composite, even and square