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five different names 4 the # 12 are twelve,twelve-o-clock,

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Q: Five names for the number -12?
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What are five names for -12?

what are five names for -12

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Five names for the number 2.25?

Two point twenty five

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What are five names for 12?

12inches in a foot 12o'clock 12feet

Write five names for -12?

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Do you say seven and five are twelve or seven and five is twelve?

Seven and five is twelve. If you say, 'seven and five are twelve', you are actually saying that the number 7 is 12, and the number 5 is 12, which is impossible.

What are the five names for the number 15?

whole number, natural number. integer,rational, and real number

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Twenty-five fifteenths as a mixed number = 12/3

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Thirty seven point five or seventy five over two.

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The mass number would be about 12.

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12 345

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12 12*1 -1*-12 4*3 6*2

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What five numbers have a mean of 12 and a range of 8?

There are an infinite number of possibilities. One set is 8, 12, 12, 12 and 16

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The number that is 5/9 of 60 is 33.3333..., or 100/30

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What is twelve over five as a mixed number?

12/5 = 22/5