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Yes, it can. When you are hitting the Golf ball with the swing you first go through a series of movements. First, you twist your body, you then take the stick back as far as possible to give yourself time to develop force. Then you bring it forward to hit the ball. Of course, there are other actions that may be included but this is a simpler explanation.

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Q: Force summation applied to a golf swing?
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Do You need the Sam amount of force to throw a basketball 3 meters as you need to throw a golf ball 3 meters?

No you do not need the same amount of force to throw a basketball 3 meters as you would need to throw a golf ball 3 meters. The amount of force required to throw a basketball 3 meters depends on several factors: The weight of the ball: Basketballs are much heavier than golf balls. The size of the ball: Basketballs are much larger than golf balls. The amount of air resistance: Basketballs are much more aerodynamic than golf balls.Therefore you would need to generate more force to throw a basketball 3 meters than you would to throw a golf ball 3 meters.

How does a ball move?

To move a ball, it must be acted on by an outside force. Some mechanical energy will have to be applied to it. There are a number of different forces and a number of different balls. We use a club on a golf ball. Baseballs are hit with a bat. A tennis ball is hit with a raquet. A soccer ball is struck with a body part. In all cases, the ball is struck and is accelerated by an outside force. This stuff goes back to Newton. Here's the condensed version. If it's at rest, it wants to stay that way. If it's in motion, it wants to stay that way. And either will be the case unless an outside force (sometimes called an unbalanced force) acts to change things. That's Newton's first law or the law of inertia. Apply a force to a ball and it will move.

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball

How far does a golf ball roll in one rotation?

Let's assume that your golf ball is 1.680 inches in diameter - the smallest size golf ball allowed in certain golfing associations. Then we know that the circumference of the golf ball will be the distance it would roll in one complete rotation. Circumference = pi * diameter Circumference = 3.14 * 1.680 in Circumference = 5.2752 inches = the distance that this particular golf ball would roll

What is the probability that 128 or fewer people have never played golf?

As there are millions of people who have no access to golf and millions more who are not physically capable of playing golf (through age, infirmity, parplegia, quadrapegia) etc. it is certain that the probability that 128 (or less) people have never played, or will ever play, golf - so a probability of 1.

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