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You will multiply the amount of drivers by the amount that they are driving and then divide by how many accidents happen per hour.

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Q: Formula for calculating vehicle accident rates?
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What happens if the driver of a vehicle gets a dwi on your insurance?

Your rates shouldn't be affected, as long as he wasn't in an accident in your car.

What is the formula for calculating birth rate?

Birth Rate= number of birth rates during time divided by total population at time times 1000

Whose rates increase when a third party has an accident while driving the others car?

Insurance stays with the vehicle, the policy that insures the 'at fault' vehicle will have the rate increase should there be one.

How are the rates of auto insurance determined?

Car insurance rates are influenced by a number of different factors. Your age, gender, driving record, accident history, make and model of the vehicle, and in some cases your grades (for students) will influence the rates you receive.

How much do auto insurance rates increase from an accident?

After an automobile accident the automobile insurance carrier will usually raise the rates of the liability 7-10% depending on the severity of the accident.

Which auto insurance companies offer low rates for drivers who have had a previous accident?

Allstate still offers good rates even if you have had an accident.

Will your insurance company take into consideration where you live when calculating your insurance rates?

Yes they do.

Where can I find the best auto loan rates?

It depends on numerous factors. Your age, the type of vehicle you drive, your accident history, the color of your car, where you live, they make and model of the car.

Will at fault accident raise my rates?

Almost certainly

Will my insurance rates go up after a total loss?

It depends on who is at-fault for the accident. Your rate doesn't rise based on how much money was spent towards repairing your vehicle, it rises based on your driving/accident history. If you were in an accident and deemed not at-fault, supposedly your rate will not go up. However, I've seen my own rate go up AFTER an accident finally dropped off my record AND I had no tickets or citations, and the reason was given as "insurance rates have risen all over the state".

When calculating a country's balance of payments do you use foreign aid?

foreign inflation rates

Can your current car insurance company raise your premium for using another policy on another vehicle you own?

Unclear on your question. Do you want to know if your rates will go up because you have a different car with a separate policy? Probably not just because you have a separate policy, unless your current policy is discounted because of multiple vehicles and you are removing one of them to go with someone else. On the otherhand, if you had an accident and turned it in to the company covering that vehicle, your current company will know about the accident and it is possible your rates could go up because of the accident not because you have another policy out there.