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new words

current words

archaic words

absolete words

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Q: Four classification of words in point of time?
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What is the Classification of words in point of time?

paticular point in time

What are the different classification of words in point of time?

My professor once told me that the classification of words in point of time has something to do with archaic words or the words that we don't use anymore.

What four words does fairytale begin with?

once upon a time

What is chronological classification of data?

This type of classification involves classification of the data on the basis of the time of its occurrence

What country spans four time zones but has only one time?

The difference between the local mean time (LMT) of China's easternmost point and the LMT of its westernmost point is four hours and five minutes. Nevertheless, the Chinese government prefers to have one standard time throughout the whole country.

What four factors affect the melting point of a rock?

Scientists study four factors as they try to determine a rock's melting point. These factors include heat, pressure, water content and time.

Most fairy tales begin with what four words?

"Once upon a time"

Most fairytales begin with what four words?

It usually begins with "Once upon a time,".

Most fairy tales begin with four words?

Most fairly tales begin with the four words once upon a time. Fairy tales have existed for centuries and usually have a moral to share.

Can a pyramid have four bases?

No. Whereas a tetrahedron has four triangular faces, at any point in time only one of them may be called a base.

What are the four corners of New Mexico?

The Four Corners is a tourist attraction at the place where the borders of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet at a common point, allowing you to be in four states at the same time.

What four words do most fairy tales start with?

Most of them begin "Once upon a time..."

How do you spell 15.45?

15.45 in time can be spelled as fifteen forty-five or quarter to four. In basic number terms it can be spelled as fifteen point four five.

Why have classification systems changed over time?

Classification systems have changed over time because biologists have found better ways to organize the increasing organisms .

How long does it take to drive from Utah to Arizona?

Almost no time at all if your starting point is near the Four Corners or at any point along their shared border.

Why do lions have four paws with long claws?

The reason is so they can capture their prey and kill it at the same time. So in other words it saves time.

What is the different between point in time and period of time?

A point in time is a small moment whereas point in time often refers to long periods, or over time

What does four-fourths time mean in music?

It is four four time. It means there are four beats in a bar. Most pop and rock songs are in four four; waltzes are not.

What is 4 dementional?

four-dimensional describes something existing in four dimensions. The "real world" which we experience is often referred to as three-dimensional, meaning that any location can be described by only three coordinates. These coordinates are usually thought of as forward - backwards, left - right, and up - down, and with some nominal reference point as a datum. Often the real world is treated as four-dimensional, with time as the fourth dimension. Then, with some reference point and date we can describe any location at any point in time as well. Another way of puting it is, it is time.

What are two words that describe the rate of motion of an object at a given point in time?

Velocity is the change of distance over change in time (distance/unit time) and Acceleration is the change in velocity/unit time.

Kinds of time signature?

The most common time signature in music is four-four time. That means that there are four beats in a measure and the quarter note gets one beat. There are other time signatures such as three-four, and two-four.

How many university libraries use Garside classification?

The Garside Classification is used at the University College London where it was originally implemented by Kenneth Garside. He was deputy librarian there at the time when he devised the method of classification.

How many quarter notes can fit into one measure of four four time?

In four/four time, four quarter notes can fit into one measure.

What is the average speed between two hour and four minutes?

To figure that out, we'd need to know the distance covered at each point in time.

How do you turn door to lock by changing one letter at a time in four words?

door, doom, loom, look, lock

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