fr lengends 0.2.5 or asphalt 9?

Updated: 11/2/2021
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fr lengends0.2.5

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Q: Fr lengends 0.2.5 or asphalt 9?
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What is the formula to figure up how much asphalt you will need for an area of 27707 sq feet at 3 thick?

the formula for figuring out asphalt is.. L x W x D x 110 / 9 / 2000 = tons of asphalt. Where: L = Length in feet W = Width in feet D = Depth in inches 110 = a average weight of a square foot asphalt 1 inch thick /9 = convert to square yards /2000 = convert weight to tons So.. 27707 x 3 x 110 / 9 / 2000 = 508 tons.

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Use this formula and it will give you the tonnage needed. lenght x width divided by 9 = square yards next S.Y. x thickness of asphalt desired x 120 divided by 2000 = tons Depending on the liquid asphalt index will determine the price for a ton of asphalt. example: 20' x 60' divided by 9 = 133.333 9 x 2" (inches) x 120 divided by 2000 = 15.999 tons I-D 2 Top for base use 115 instead of 120 in the formula.

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How many Square feet does 1 ton of asphalt cover?

This depends on many factors like the area of the pavement being covered and the thickness of the pavement. This question is very general and can have many answers. Here are some conversions to help figure out how many sq ft 1 ton of asphalt cover. 0.056 tons asphalt/ SY (1 in thick) and 9 sf/1 SY. using these conversions will yield an answer of 1 ton of asphalt (1 in thick) coverinig 160.7 sf

What is the magnitude of the force needed to keep a 9 point 9 Newton rubber block moving across level dry asphalt in a straight line at a constant speed of 16 point 1 meters per second?

That completely depends on the coefficient of kinetic friction between the rubber block and the dry asphalt surface. Even if we knew anything about the characteristics of a typical rubber-asphalt interface, it would still depend on the surface area of contact, i.e. the dimensions of the block, which the question doesn't describe.