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Q: Fractions how many eights make up three quarters?
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How many eights make up three quarters?


How may eights make up 3 quarters?

1/4 is 2 8ths, so it is 2X3 or 6. six eights is equal to three quarters

How many eights make a three quarters?

two eights make one quarter so it takes threes times as many to make three quarters. So, 6 eights make three quarters. ( A eighth of a dollar is called a bit so 2 bits is a quarter and 6 bits is 75 cents. There is an old song that ends with "Shave and a haircut - six bits.)

How do you make a six with three eights?

3 eights would be 24. Dividing by 4, you will get 6.

Is four eighths less than three quarters?

To make this comparison, you must find common denominators for both fractions. Let for be the common denominator. If we divide the numerator and denominator of the first fraction (4/8) by 2, we get 2/4. Comparing 2/4 with 3/4, the second fraction is bigger because 3 is greater than 2. Also, four eights simplifies to one half, which is less than three quarters.

What must be added to three eights to make a whole?


What three quarters make up what percent of a dollar?


How many 'quarters' are in three dollars?

12 quarters will make $3

How many quarters make 3.75 dollars?

There are 4 quarters in one dollar. Three of them then have 3X4 =12 quarters. There are three more in seventy five cents (0.75). All together there are 12+3 =15 quarters.

What is seven eights plus 2 and a half?

The final answer would be three and three-eighths. Here's how to solve it mentally.You have to set their denominators [bottom numbers] equal. So, keep seven eights, since two ["half"] goes into eight, but you must make 2 and a half into 2 and four eights, because four is half of eight. Pretend for a minute that the four eights isn't there. So, 2 and seven eights. Then, add one from the four eights, so that it will now be 3., and so that the four eights is now three eights. So, 3 and three eights.Sorry. I'm not very good at explaining, but I hope that helped. ^^"

Can quarters and nickels make 90 cents?

You can make 90 cents with three quarters and three nickels. (3 x 25) + (3 x 5) = 90 cents.

How do you make a six with just three eights?

Probably 3*8 = 24 and 2+4 = 6