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1/4 is 2 8ths, so it is 2X3 or 6. six eights is equal to three quarters

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Q: How may eights make up 3 quarters?
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How many eights make up three quarters?


Fractions how many eights make up three quarters?


How many eighths are in there in 3 wholes?

eights make up 3 wholes

How many quarters make up a dollar?

4 quarters make up a dollar.

How many quarters make up 2 wholes?

4 quarters make a whole, so 8 quarters would make up 2 wholes.

How many quarters 4ths make up one halve?

2 quarters make up one half

How many boxes of quarters make up $250?


What 2 fractions are made up of 7 eights?

2 eights and 5 eights

How many dimes and quarters make up 19.50?

195 dimes. 78 quarters.

How many whole ones in twenty quarters?

There are Four quarters that make up a whole number one. This meaning that with twenty quarters you will get 5 whole ones

What is the minimum number of quarters pennies and nickels needed to make up 123 cents?

The minimum number of quarters, pennies, and nickels needed to make up 123 cents is 4 quarters, 4 nickels, and 3 pennies.

How many quarters are used to make up on inch?

It doesn't matter what you start with, there are four quarters in it.

What three quarters make up what percent of a dollar?


What is eleven quarters as a decimal?

4 quarters make a whole thus 11 quarters make up 2 wholes and 3 quarters left over.1 quarter is 25% and therefore 3 quarters = 75% which is the same as 0.75Thus 11 quarters = 2.75 as a decimal.

When you divide a circle into eight equal parts how many eights make up to whole circle?

Eight of them.

How many nickels and quarters make up 1.50?

Either 30 nickels or 6 quarters or a lot of combinations of the two.

How many quarters make up a third?

One and a third of them.

How many quarters make up fifty dollar bill?


How many quarters are there in one half?

2 quarters make up 1/2

How many quters make oneup one halve?

Two quarters make up one half

How many minutes make up four quarters of an hour?

60 minutes.

What three quarters make up what fraction of a dollar?

3/4 of a dollar

How many eights make up one quarter?

Two One-eighth + one-eighth = one quarter

What 5 coins make up 1.00?

3 quarters 1 dime and a nickel.

How many eights in 1 whole?

Eight eighths make up a whole unit.