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when you add 2 odd numbers for eg.3+5 it always is an even numberi.e.8.Thus if you could if have used multiplication once then your answer could be 5*3+3+1+1+1

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Q: From the numbers 9999333355551111 using 6 numbers from this create the total 21?
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By using the Autosum feature. Select the cell below the last number and click on the Autosum and it will automatically total the numbers in the column.

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Assuming you mean four different numbers, 0.123

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If you're reading the numbers sequentially, keep a running total. Alternatively, pass all the numbers to a function using a variable-length argument. Alternatively push the numbers into a vector then sum the vector with the following function: void sum_vector(std::vector<int> a) { int total=0; for(int i=0; i<a.size(); ++i) total+=a[i]; return(total); }

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Multiply the numbers, count the total number of decimal places in the problem and place that many in your product.

How many numbers can you generate from 5 digits?

With base one million, you can create one nonillion different numbers; using the traditional decimal (base ten) system, you can form 100 thousand different numbers.

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A spreadsheet. Spreadsheets usually rely on formulae to calculate numbers. That function is not part of a word-processor.

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Using the commutation relation will help us compute the allowed total angular momentum quantum numbers of a composite system.

Write a program to aceept 5 numbers from keyboard n print itz total?

Sure! Here's a simple Python program that allows the user to input 5 numbers and then calculates and prints their total: numbers = [] for i in range(5): num = int(input("Enter a number: ")) numbers.append(num) total = sum(numbers) print("The total is:", total) This program prompts the user to enter a number 5 times, converts each input to an integer, stores them in a list, calculates the sum of the numbers using the sum() function, and finally prints the total.