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Any thing and everything. As many as needed.

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Q: Generally the c language and C plus plus how many programs we can do?
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What are the application of c plus plus plus plus language?

Writing computer-programs in it.

Is c plus plus a complied or interpreted language?

C++ is generally a compiled language.

How are C plus plus programs written?

At the very least a C++ program can be written using nothing more than a plain-text editor and a C++ language compiler and corresponding linker. However, an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports some variant of C++ is generally much easier to work with.

Sample programs in c plus plus language using pointers?

#include int main (int argc, char **argv){int i;for (i=0; i

What are two header files needed in C plus plus programme?

stddef.h and vadefs.h are two of the many "primitive" headers which are often required in the majority of your programs, but there are many other more specialised headers, such as iostream, which will include these anyway, so you generally won't need to explicitly include them.

Is C plus plus same as Microsoft Visual C plus plus Express Edition?

Your question request a comparison between apples and pears. C++ is a programming language. Microsoft Visual C++ Express is one of many development tools that you can use to create programs using the C++ programming language. Microsoft Visual C++ Express supports native C++ development, and supports development in 'managed C++,' a Microsoft-specific derivative of the C++ language, aimed specifically at the .NET platform.

How can you make a video game with c plus plus?

Cpp(C++) is used to make 'Many' programs because it is universal across many devices.

How do you build c plus plus programs using netbeans IDE?

Netbeans is primarily a code editor and Java compiler. Although it supports the C++ language, it has no C++ compiler or linker. For that you must provide your own.

What are the application of c plus plus?

Writing programs in it.

Can all C programs are executable in C plus plus?

Some C programs can be compiled in C++, yes.

Which are the best softwares used for doing c plus plus programs?

The best programs are written by humans, not by softwares.

What are the interpreter in c plus plus?

C++ is a compiled language, not an interpreted language.