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Writing programs in it.

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Q: What are the application of c plus plus?
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What are the application of c plus plus plus plus language?

Writing computer-programs in it.

How do you change the Borland C plus plus application icon?

Change the icon in the application's resource file, then recompile.

Do you have to use delete operator on C plus plus strings before exiting your application?

no you dont

Is C plus plus an application program?

No. C++ is a computer language. The development system supporting it is a compiler, linker, editor, debugger, etc.No it is a programming language.

Which desktop application use c plus plus?

There are very few applications of any note that aren't written in C++ (or some combination of C++ and C). Even the Java virtual machine required to interpret Java programs is written in C++.

The application where c language can't implemented but it is done by c plus plus language?

Any C++ application that makes use of classes cannot be compiled in C since C is not an object-oriented programming language. The code may be altered to eliminate the classes, but if the classes are designed with complex hierarchies then the transition could prove quite difficult to implement.

What is the c plus plus code for application of linked list in mobile phones?

If people started writing these codes here, then what software engineers will do?

What is the difference between visual c plus plus and Microsoft foundation classes languagues?

Microsoft Foundation Class Library is in fact used by VC++. MFC is an application framework that wraps portions of the Windows API in C++ classes, including functionality that enables them to use a default application framework.

What can you do with the Visual C plus plus App-Wizard?

The App-Wizard is the Application Wizard. You use it to create a framework for your application by choosing the type of application and which features you require. The wizard generates the source files and headers for you according to your choices, you simply need to flesh it out with your specific implementation.

Would you Prove If a equals b and c d then a plus c b plus d?

If a=b and c=d then (a+c)=(b+d) ? This is proved very simply by the direct application of perhaps the most fundamental statement in all of Algebra: "If equals are added to equals, the sums are equal."

Which of these programs java php dot net c c plus plus c sharp sql HTML will design a desktop application better?

Java and .Net can create good desktop applications both. Java provides manual configuration of all features.

What is b plus b plus b plus c plus c plus c plus c?

b+b+b+c+c+c+c =3b+4c