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a book sitting up on a shelf. gravity can potentionally pull it down if pushed.

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1. If someone/something goes into outer space their gravitational potential energy changes.

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Q: Give an example of gravitational potential energy?
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Can you give me an example of a potential energy?

Potential energy is energy of an object due to its location or the effect of forces which are "locked" in place. One example is a book on a shelf: it has gravitational potential energy which is realised when it falls. Another is a stretched spring whose potential energy is realised when the spring is allowed to return to its normal length.

Does a moving car have potential energy?

A moving car can have potential energy. It can be on a hill or a rise. This would give it gravitational potential energy. It can have gasoline, a battery with charge or both. This would give it chemical potential energy.

On earth the weight an height of an object give an object what type of potential energy?

Gravitational energy

Can you give me some examples of gravitational potential energy?

carrying water in a tub

Can you give some examples for Potentia energy?

Potential energy is when you do work against a conservative force. Examples are gravitational potential energy; the stored energy in a spring; chemical energy; and nuclear energy.

What is the equation for calculating an object's gravitational potential energy?

The equation to calculate an object's gravitation potential energy is: PE=MGH where: PE is gravitational potential energy M is the objects mass G is the acceleration due to the gravitational pull of the Earth on its surface ( 9.8 m/s2) H is the height from the location that would give it zero potentional energy (generally the ground)

Give five Example of forms of energy?

Potential,Kinetic,Light,Sound,Electric,Mechanical,Gravitational Force Potential Examples of changing Energy Light to electric, electric to mechanical, mechanical to sound

What is gravitational energy-?

Gravitational potential energy is the kinetic energy that an object could gain if it was allowed to move through the entire gravitational potential in question. For example, if you climb a tower that is 100 feet above the Earth's surface and hold a ball, the ball will have potential energy as long as it remains at that height (in other words, as long as it remains at that potential). If the ball is dropped, the potential energy begins converting into kinetic as the ball falls through the 100 foot gravitational potential. When the ball is on the surface of the Earth, it no longer has any gravitational potential energy with respect to the Earth's surface. All of the energy converted into kinetic energy. When the ball actually hit the Earth, the kinetic energy was converted into heat and the ball stopped moving. That heat warmed the surrounding atmosphere a bit. No energy is ever lost, it just converts from one form to another.

Characteristics of gravitational potential energy?

It isn't clear to me what you mean with "indicators" - an object has positive gravitational potential energy if it has mass, and if it is above ground level (or above any other reference level you choose to define as level zero).

What is an example of potential stored energy?

If a rock is balanced on the edge of a cliff if has gravitational potential energy because it could gain kinetic energy (movement) which no input of energy. as the rock fall the gravitational potential energy is turned into kinetic energy as it runs out of height to speed up in. Batteries have electrical potential energy because they can give an electrical current by using up their power. Hydrocarbons like wood, fat and oil have chemical potential energy because they can give off heat and light energy when they are chemically reacted (combusted/burned). A spring has elastic potential energy because it can go from not moving to moving without being pushed or thrown, it converts the tension in it's fibres into kinetic energy while trying to return to it's original shape. I hope this answer is useful to you.

Give one example of an object before and after it has gained elastic potential energy?

Elastic potential energy refers to the potential energy stored as a result of deformation of an elastic object. An example of this is a spring, which springs back before it has gained elastic potential energy. After a spring gains elastic potential energy, it will be deformed.

The weight and height of an object give an object what type of potential energy?

Basically, potential energy is increased by either an increase in mass, height, or both. As an object is more massive, it has the potential to do more work. As an object is higher up, it has the potential to do more work because it will have a higher velocity at the moment of impact. This is also seen in the definition of potential energy, which is Epotential = M(Ag)H. As shown, increasing either mass (M) or height (H) or both will increase the potential energy. The potential energy is completely related to kinetic energy. Kinetic energy = .5MV2. Increasing mass will directly increase kinetic energy. Height is a little different. The V is velocity, which increases as the object is falling inwards due to gravitational acceleration. Basically, an increase in mass results in an increase in kinetic energy. Initial height does not matter unless the object is moving downwards towards the center of gravity.