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Leonhard Euler ,Gaspard Monge ,Jean-Victor Poncelet , Jakob Steiner

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Q: Great mathematicians who contributed the study of geometry?
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There are only two types of geometry that mathematicians study?

FALSEthere are 4 types of geometry mathematicians study.

Who were the mathematicians who contributed to the study of real numbers?

Probably all mathematicians, from very ancient times.

What are the names of persons who study geometry?

I would guess geometrists. Or, broadly, mathematicians.

How many types of geometry do mathematicians study?

Mathematicians study various types of geometry, but the most common ones include Euclidean geometry, which studies flat, two-dimensional space, and three-dimensional space; and non-Euclidean geometry, which explores curved spaces such as spherical and hyperbolic geometries. Differential geometry is another branch that focuses on the study of curves and surfaces using calculus techniques, while algebraic geometry investigates geometric objects defined by algebraic equations. Finally, fractal geometry delves into the study of intricate, self-repeating geometric patterns.

Name some important personages and contributed in the study and development of geometry?


Mathematicians that have contributive in trigonometry?

Trigonometry is the study of lengths and angles within triangles. Some mathematicians that have contributed to this branch of mathematics are: Hipparchus, Gemma Frisius, Leonhard Euler, Brook Taylor.

Which Indian invention affected the study of mathematics and science?

There have been and still are, many Indian mathematicians who have made significant contributions.

What did Sophie Germain study?

She studied mostly mathematics and geometry and was inspired by all mathematicians ..... She studied other subjects as well but often she studied mathematics.

Mathematicians in the field of trigonometry?

Some historic mathematicians that have contributed to the branch of mathematics known as trigonometry are: Hipparchus, Gemma Frisius, Leonhard Euler, Brook Taylor. Trigonometry is the study of lengths and angles within triangles.

How geometry is study?

Geometry is study because book. Number good? Shape. I like Circle. That how geometry is study.

Where did geometry originate and why there?

Geometry was used in ancient Egypt for building the great pyramids, however the ancient Greeks were the ones who actually began to study it in detail.

What is geometry math?

Geometry in math is the study of shapes