What did Sophie Germain study?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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She studied mostly mathematics and geometry and was inspired by all mathematicians .....

She studied other subjects as well but often she studied mathematics.

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Q: What did Sophie Germain study?
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What is Sophie germain's full name?

The full name of Sophie Germain is Marie-Sophie Germain. She was French mathematician who contributed to the study of acoustics, elasticity, and the theory of numbers.

Who inspired Sophie Germain to study mathematics?

She read an essay on the life of Archimeds

Was Sophie germain married?

sophie germain never married

how many siblings did sophie Germain have?

Sophie Germain had 2 siblings.

What is Sophie Germain's birthday?

Sophie Germain was born on April 1, 1776.

Who did Sophie germain live with?

Sophie germain was a female mathmetician that lived with her mom and sister

What was Sophie germain favorite color?

blue all the way

What are Sophie germain's brothers and sister's names?

Sophie Germain had two brothers named Michel-Juste and Armand.

Who was Sophie Germain's husband?

Sophie was unmarried her whole life.

How was Sophie germain schooled?

Sophie Germain was schooled by her mother because only males were allowed to go to school at the time.

Was Sophie Germain rich?


What did Sophie germain do to become famous?