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What do you call a line with no arrows?

Line segment

What is segment in math?

A line segment is a line with two points. When drawn, there are no arrows coming out of the points.

How would you define line segment?

a line with two arrows on the end.

What is a line called with arrows on both ends?

a line. arrow on one end is called a ray and no arrows is called a line segment.

Draw a line segment of 46 millimeters?

if its a line it goes on forever so it has arrows on each end. For a segment you just make a dot, measure 46 millimeters and put another dot on that end. No arrows on a segment.

Why does a line have two arrows at the end of it?

It sigals that the line is not just a line segment but that this line does NOT end.... ever.

What is the name of the line that has two arrows and two points?

This is simply called a line. <---------------O-------------------------------O----------------------> But this is called a line segment: O-------------------------------------------O

How many dimesions does a line segment have?

A line segment has one dimension . . . length.

What are the two specific points of a line segment?

Any line segment has infinitely many points and each one of them is specific to that line segment.

How many possibilities are there in point-segment relations?

Probably three:The point is not on the segment nor the corresponding line,The point is in the line segment,The point is not in the line segment as given but would be if the segment were extended.

How many end point does a line segment have?

A line segment has two end points.

What is a line with 2 arrows?

A line with two arrows......