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Depends on the quality of air and any obstacles. Under perfect conditions (dry, clean, 20 degree Celsius air), sound would travel 20.6 kilometers per minute.

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Q: HOW many kilometers would a sound travel in 1 minute?
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How long to travel 14 kilometers at 60 kilometers per hour?

60 km per hour = 1 km per minute. So 14 km would take 14 minutes!

How long would it for a sound impulse to travel through an aluminum rod 25 kilometers long?

It should take approx 3.96 seconds.

How many km would light travel in a minute?

-Light travels at 299,792,458 meters per second.-There is 31,556,926 seconds in one year.-Light travels 9,460,528,412,464,108 meters in one year and after doing the math, light travels 9,460,528,412,464.108 kilometers in one year.

How long would take for a car to travel 87 kilometers?

How long would it take a car to travel 87 kilometers if it were travelling at 90 kph

How would you define a light-minute?

The distance light will travel, in a vacuum, in one minute.

If a cymbal were struck in space, how do you predict the waves of sound would travel?

Since space is a vacuum, sound waves do not travel through space. Sound waves need a substance to travel through, since there is nothing in a vacuum, sound waves have nothing to travel through. Thus, a cymbal struck in space would not make an audible sound.

What is 0.7 kilometers per minute as kilometers per hour?

As we know that 1 hour consists of 60 minutesso, 1 minute would be of 1/60 hours (or 0.0166666666666667 hours approximately)Thus, 0.7 kilometers/minute can be written as0.7 kilometers/0.0166666666666667 hourswhich, on simplification (calculation) gives 42 kilometers per hour.Result42 kilometers per hour

How long do sounds take to travel?

To travel where? - That would depend on the distance you want it to travel. In air, sound moves at about 310 meters per second (depends on the temperature). This is about 1,236 kilometers per hour (or 768 mph).

How fast in kilometers would you have to run to do a 4 minute mile?

24.14 km per hour for a 4-minute mile.

What would not travel thruogh a room with no air is it sound or light?


How is sound cannot travel in a wavy way?

Sound can't travel in wavy waves because if it did, the sound would be messed up and dodgy.

States would sound waves usually travel the fastest?

Sound waves travel the fastest through nonporous solids.