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Q: Half a circle plus circle plus half a circle plus a half a circle plus circle plus 90' angle plus a guess wat it is?
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Half circle full circle half circle A half circle full circle right angle A?

Coca cola

Who invented half circle full circle half circle A half circle full circle right angle A?

John Stith Pemberton

The measure of an inscribed angle in a circle is the measure of the intercepted arc.?

Answer this question… half

Why is an inscribed angle that intercepts a semi-circle a right angle?

It is the consequence of one of the circle theorems and in some books, it is considered a theorem itself. The underlying proposition is that the angle subtended at the circumference of the circle by any arc of a circle is half the angle subtended at the centre. In the case of a semicircle, the arc is the half circle and the angle at the centre is the one that the diameter makes at the centre of the circle ie 180 degrees. So the angle at the circumference is half that ie 90 degrees.

What is the angle measure or degree for one half?

180 degrees, if you mean a half circle

What angle measure does a semicircle have?

A semi-circle, half a circle, by definition is 180 degrees, half of a rotation. A whole circle has a whole rotation, which is 360 degrees.

What does a picture of a straight angle look like?

A straight angle is a half circle.

What is the measure of an angle that encloses half of a circle?

180 degrees.

How do we measure an angle?

A protractor can be used to measure an angle. An angle is basically part of a circle. A complete circle is 360 degrees. A right-angle is 90 degrees, half a circle is 180 degrees, and so on.

What is a half angle?

A half angle is just what it sound like; it's half the measure of an angle. If you have an angle of 30 degrees, the half angle is 15 degrees. Simple and easy. Where it comes in handy is in construction of something like, say, an isosceles triangle inside a circle. If you have the two equal equal angles, you can find the third angle. Then you can construct it by drawing a chord across the circle through its diameter, then using the half angle to draw in one side. Repeating the process on the other side of the diameter will give you the other side of the triangle. By drawing in a chord connecting the points where the other two chords (drawn off the half angles on either side of the diameter) intersect the circle, you'll have completed the construction of the isosceles triangle.

What is the name of a half circle and it is not a half circle?

another name for a half circle is semi-circle

What is 45 degrees angle?

It is an angle that divides a right angle in half. It measures an eighth of a circle or pi/4 radians.

What is name angle name of half a revolution?

Half of a revolution of a circle is 180 degrees and its angles added together are supplementary.

What is an 180 in math?

180o is basically a straight angle, if 360 was a circle 180 wiuld be a half circle

What is a half of a half of a circle?

half of the radius the radius is half of the diameter the diameter is the with of the circle. This also can be called a quadrent circle.

What is half a circle?

Half a circle is called a semi-circle. Sometimes it is called a half-moon.

What shape do you get when you divide a circle equaly?

a half circle? a half? semi circle? half sphere?

What is half of a circle called?

semicircleA half circle is called a semicircle.Half a circle is a semi-circle

Is a straight line an obtuse angle?

no... a straight line is a 180 degrees half circle.

What is a half of a circle called in geometry?

Half a circle is called a "semicircle" in geometry.

What half a circle is called?

Half a circle is called a SEMI-CIRCLE

Does a bisector cut an angle in half?

To bisect an angle is to divide the angle in half.

What is called a half circle?

A half circle is called a semicircle.

What is half of a diameter of a circle?

The radius is half of the diameter of a circle.

Half of a circle?

Another name for half a circle is a semicircle.