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One day = 24 hours.

So half an hour = 1/48 of a day.

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Q: Half an hour is equal to what part of a day?
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What percent of a day is half an hour?

1/48 of a day is roughly equal to 2 percent of a day

How much is a half of an hour equal to how much of a day?

Half of an hour = 1/2 hour...(1) Hours in a day = 24 hours and 1 hour = 1/24 day...(2) From the above two results, we get Half of an hour = (1/2)/24 day = 1/48 day

What establish and eight-hour work day time and a half and equal pay for women?

fair labor and standards act

What fraction of the day is a hour and half an hour?

Since a day has 24 hours, each hour is 1/24 of a day.

How much should you excersise a day?

At least an hour a day or half-an-hour.

If you have a 7 hour day and your in fourth hour is the day almost over?

Yes because you day is half over at 3rd hour.

What is the equivalent in days to a 36 hour half life?

There are 24 hours in a day (approximately). Thus a half life of 36 hours is equal to 36/24 = 1.5 days.

How many hour in 1 and a half day?

There are 36 hours in 1 and a half day

At what time of the day should your headlights be turned on?

* half an hour before sunrise * half an hour after sunset

How many hours are PM?

The PM (Post-Meridiem) part of the day contains exactly half of the hours of the 24-hour day, so there are 12 hours in the PM.

How many hours would massage therapist work a day?

Massage therapists work in different settings and a wide range of different hours per day. Most massage therapists that work full time will do about 4-6 massages per day. A massage session typically is an hour long and if you consider that for every hour worked, there is half an hour to an hour down time, then that would equal an 8 hour day.

How many hours are there in half of a third of a quarter of a day?

there is one hour in a half of a third of a quarter of a day

How does the ground get warm during the day?

The Sun heats the ground, then the ground heats the air. Consequently, the coldest part of the day is usually about half and hour to an hout after sunrise.

How much exercise should your one year old lab get a day?

A lab should get an hour to a half hour a day

What fraction of the day is an hour and half a hour?

1/24 and 1/48, respectively.

Best time of day to get fresh KFC chicken?

half an hour after they open. 10.30 am

How long is the drive from Toronto Ontario to Niagara Falls?

one hour in a clear Day , 1 hour and half traffic Day

What does hour mean?

An hour is a unit of time, for example, 60 minutes is equal to one hour or 24 hours is equal to one day. 7 days equal a week 52 weeks equal a year 100 years is centry

What fraction of a day is one half hour?

There are 24 hours in a day. So there are 48 half-hours in a day. Therefore the answer is 1/48.

How much does a giraffe sleep?

A giraffe sleeps anywhere from a half-hour to one hour each day.

How log do you need to study?

A few hours each day (1-4hrs per day) An hour or half an hour break

How many teaspoons a day is equal to 165 teaspoons a hour?

3960 tea spoons a day

How long should a kids wach tv for?

Half an hour a day

Is working out for a half hour twice a day bad?

In simple words, no.

What does 1 hour equal?

One hour equals 60 minutes, 3600 seconds, or 1/24 of a day.