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If half of the number is 20, then the number must be 2 * 20 = 40. Therefore three quarters of the number would be 3 * (40/4) = 30.

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Q: Half is a number is 20 find three quarters of the number?
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Find the difference between one quarter of 76 and three quarters of 76?

Three quarters of a number less one quarter of a number = two quartres, or a half of the number. A half of 76 = 76/2 = 38

How do you find a number if I know its three quarters number?

divide by 3 then times by 4

How find middel number from three numbers?

blank in a half

How do you figure three quarters of something?

a quarter is a fourth (1/4). 3 quarters is 3/4 = 0.75 Think of money: 3 quarters is 75 cents (0.75). To find three quarters of some number, mulitply by 3, then divide by 4 Or you can multiply by 0.75

How do you work out three quarters of something?

You can work out three quarters of something by dividing by the numerator (bottom number) which would be 4 by the number you are finding three quarters of. Then you would times the answer of that by the denominator (Top number) and you will have the answer. For example: 3/4 of 60 60 divided by 4 = 15 15 times 3 = 45 So, 3/4 of 60 = 45 Or you could find a quarter of the number and take the quarter away from the whole number.

How do you get the half fish in egg quarters in sonic adventure 2 battle?

Try getting it in green forest. Go until you find three wooden boxes and look around the boxes and you will find it

How do you find a three quarters of a number?

Divid your number by 4 then times that number by 3 eg. 20 divide 4 equals 5 5 times 3 equals 15

One half a number is 12 more than 2 times the number what is the number?

Thirty decreased by three times a number is six less than three times the number. Find the number.

Will the E string for a half size violin fit a three quarters violin?

Chances are that it won't. E strings are very cheap and you can find them at your local music store.

Which is the more valuable quarters?

All the 1999 state quarters are worth more than the other years. That is b/c it was only minted half the year vs. a full year. Typically, you'll find half the quanity as the other state released quarters.

What is 0.75 percent of 8.29?

To find three quarters of a percent of a number, multiply the number by 0.0075. In this instance, 0.0075 x 8.29 = 0.062175. Therefore, 0.75 percent of 8.29 is equal to 0.062175.

How do you find three quarters of 15?

By multipliction: 3/4 times 15 = 11.25

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