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divide by 3 then times by 4

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Q: How do you find a number if I know its three quarters number?
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What you know about the fraction three-fourths?

it is three quarters of anything

How do you times 16 by three quarters?

don't know

What are three quarters of 7?

The answer is 5.25

What is the purpose of graphics?

I do not know the answer to this question, thats why i am on this website you idiot and three quarters.

If 3 quarters cost 48 pence how much does half cost?

You can see that you have to multiply the number of quarters by 16 to get the number of pence. Since you know a "half" is 2 quarters, multiply by 16 : 2 * 16 = 32 pence

What fraction of a complete turn is 270 degrees?

3/4 (three quarters).

Three books by Lois Lowry?

giver, number the stars and also hey you know what you find out

How do divisibility rules help you find factors of a number?

If you know that a number is divisible by three, then you know that three and the number that results from the dividing are both factors of the original number. If you know that a number is not divisible by three, then you won't waste time performing that function. It's rare that the first factor other than one isn't a number between two and ten. If you know the divisibility rules, it will make factoring easier and faster.

How do you divide 16 by three quarters?

Sixteen divided by three quarters is the same as sixteen multiplied by four thirds: 16/ (3/4) = 16 * (4/3) Since we know that division is the inverse of multiplication. Therefore, we can say that sixteen divided by three quarters is fifty-two thirds. (52/3)

How do you find numbers between numbers in math?

20 101 a three digit number and i don't know what is the answer

If you have 2 quarters how many quarters did you have?

This question is impossible to answer. It is not possible to know how many quarters you started with when all you know is how many you have now.

How long is 45 mins?

45 minutes is equal to 3/4 (three-quarters) of an hour.

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