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Hard words for 6 grade?

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How can you pass the 6 grade?

Work Hard

How hard is grade 6 math suppose to be?

It isn't that hard...about the same stuff as Grade 5 math...But, has a little more work and harder lessons to learn.

What are the 6 grade science words?

It depends what state and what subject.

What grade is 6 out of 16?

About 45% - in other words, a flunk.

Is 6 grade math easy or hard?

Yes it is but I just have a bad teacher!!!

Why is grade 9 hard?

Na, Not as hard as grade 8, its more 'normal'

What is the answers to 6 grade science vocab words?

Well, it depends on the unit.

Information on Kiss The Rain by Yiruma?

I am doing grade 6 at the moment, and, compared to some of my piece I'd say they're about the saem difficulty so probably grade 6 or if u try really hard then you can try to play it in grade 5 :)

Is tendril a hard word to spell?

For 2nd grade and under, tendril must be a very hard word to spell. And other words like accent.

Is forth grade hard?

Yes! 4th grade is very hard! If your child is complaining listen to them!!!

Are seventh grade placement test hard?

no 7th grade placement tests arent hard.

Can grade 7 be hard?

Yes, it can be (there is a lot more work than Grade 6). Especially if you aren;t ready for it. But if you study and do all of your homework you'll be fine :)

How to change a grade?

Study hard to earn better grades on future assignments and tests.

Do you spell out the numbers in 4-6 grade?

When people write hyphenated numbers, they speak it as 4 to 6 or 4th to 6th.The words for 4-6 grade should be written as4th to 6th grades, plural.

What is 6 grade like?

it is differant 4 all kids it can be hard and differant at first but it usally gets easier

What are 6 th grade Egyptian words that start with x and y and z?

z- ziggurat

What grade is a level 5?

a grade 5 is a hard level

What grade r you in?

Grade 6 !!! (:

Is 8th grade hard?

8th grade is very hard and it depends on if you are a smart student or a really dumb student.

What grade can you take a gt test?

Well for me I'm taking it in 6 grade. (I'm in 6 grade)

Is 3rd grade hard for little 8 year olds?

third grade is not hard for most 8 year olds if they have a hard time learning it is hard they will have big challenges

Is grade 6 hard?

Put it this way: If your work has given you acceptably good grades thus far in school, sixth grade is going to be no harder to adjust to than any previous grade was. More to a point: Does your schoolwork suddenly get much harder in sixth grade? No, it does not.

Is the fifth grade algebra hard?

no it is like 4th grade algebra

Is seventh grade easy?

every grade can be easy if you think that way and can be hard if you think that it is hard really depends on your thinking

Will you get a good grade on your book report?

It depends how hard you have worked on it. If you have worked hard and comprehended, you are most likely to get a good grade.