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The number of women working has doubled within the past 50 years

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Q: Has the number of women working increased?
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What is the ratio of working women in the world?

The answer depends on what the number of working women is being compared to:working women to working men?working women to non-working women?Also, by "working women" do you mean only paid work?

What was an economic effect of word war II?

Increased numbers of working women

How did women's roles change as a result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe?

They gained increased economic independence by working in factories.

What was an economic effect of World War 2?

completely ended the Great Depressiontemporary increase in number of women workingmany new technologies and materials introduced that improved the post war economy

During world war 2 the number of American women working outside the home increased greatly because?

They took the place of the men who went to fight the war.

From 1950 to 1960 the number of women working outside the home percentage?

The number of women working outside the home declined between 1945 and 1960.

Why did the number of women in the workforce increase in the 1940s?

The number of women in the work force increased because of the absence of men while they were in the war. and then with women in the work force they stayed there and they have increased work force size since then even with the men home.

What scarifices were made by women of World War 1?

· Both the suffragettes and the suffragists ceased their campaigns in order to help the war effort. · Factories short of workers - absence of young men so women stepped in to cover the traditionally male jobs. Previously, many women worked in domestic services / didn't work. · By the end of the war, the number of women working in domestic services had decreased, and the number of women working other factory jobs had greatly increased - especially the number of women working in munitions. · Conditions - often dusty and cramped, Sylvia Pankhurst spoke of the "horrid atmosphere" in the workshops. · Women working with explosives were affected - coughs, swellings, burns. · Some worked from 8am to 6:30pm, very often working overtime that they were only paid bare time wages for. · At first, men in factories were hostile towards women - women were cheaper to employ meaning employers would hire women over men, to save money. · Men sometimes didn't teach them how to use the machinery properly - thought women were unsuitable for the job, and resented them.

How has the amount of working moms increased compared to the 1990s?

It depends on the age of the children to be considered, but for children until 5 years of age in the 1990s 60% - 65% of the women with a kid were working. The number highly increased in the new millennium which led to an employment rate of nearly 80% in the first half of the new decade (2000 - 2005). The rate is still slightly increasing.

The number of women working in every office varies directly as the number of men In the first office there are 8 women and 2 men In the second office there are 6 men How many women are in the secon?

24 women

Is it true that the number of women who held jobs outside the home increased during the 1950s?

False! It decreased

What is the percentage of women working in us?

The answer will depend on what exactly you are trying to measure:working women in the US as a percentage of women in the US,women working in the US as a percentage of women working in the world,working women in the US as a percentage of worker in the US.There are probably other possibilities.

What change took place among working women in the early 1900s?

A large number of women became secretaries or managers.

What Capitalism rewards hard work with higher wages this policy increased the number of people belonging to the?

working class

Advantages and disavantag of working women?

advantage of working women

What increased the number of deaths during the triangle shirtwasit fire?

The employer had chained locked the doors and the women couldn't get out.

If the thousands of a four digit number is increased by 1 how much is the number increased?

If the digit in the thousands place is increased by 1, the value of the number is increased by 1,000.

In 1847 what was the maximum number of working hours per day for women and children?

16 hours

What number increased by 3?

Any and every number can be increased by 3.

What is a number increased by 10?

Let x = the numbernumber increased by 10 = x + 10

Are working women an asset for the family?

working women are a great asset to any family

A number increased by -22 is 45 find the number?

a number increased by -22 is 45. find the number

How many doctors in California?

There are currently 362,000 doctors working in California. This number is increasing everyday, and it has increased about 14 percent since 1998.

How does increased numbers of women in the workforce impact the food industry?

The increasing number of women in the work force is perhaps the most important of the demographic trends affecting the industry, as women have been the traditional food preparers in the family unit.

What demanded increased political and legal rights for women?

Women's suffrage demanded increased political and legal rights for women. The results of these campaigns were seen after 1949 when the voting rights of women started to increase.