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12 square feet

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Q: Have 12 12x 12 inch squares how much area will they cover?
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How much area will a pallet of sod cover with approxamately 170 squares at 20in x 17in?

340 sq. ft.

How much sand do you need to cover area of 345 by 240 ft 1 inch deep?

11,923,200 sq in. of sand.

How much of an area can you cover with 2 cu ft of mulch spread 1 inch thick?

The answer you seek is printed on the bag; it should be fairly prominent.

How much does a square inch equal?

An area of 1 square inch!

How much is the area of a 7 inch circle?

The area of a 7-inch circle is: 38.48 square inches.

How much fabric for 144 3 inch squares?

Area of 3 inch square = 9 sq inches = 9/144 sq feet. So fabric required = 144*9/144 sq ft = 9 sq ft = 1 sq yard.

How much does 10sq cover in roofing terms?

One square = 100 sq ft. So, 10 squares will cover 1000 sq ft.

How much area did the roman civilization cover?

they covered area

How much land area does it cover?

it covers about 193

How do you know how much tiles you need to tile a floor 10 ft by 8 ft using 6 inch tiles?

when you say six inch tile, assuming that the tiles are squares with 6 inch sides. In that case, the tiles are 1/2 foot x 1/2 foot square having an area of 1/4 square feet each. To cover 10 x 8 = 80 square feet, you would need (80)/(1/4) = 320

How much area will 35 square feet cover?

"Square feet" aren't things that are used to cover area."35 square feet" is an amount of area that you have to cover with something.

What is the are of a 5 inch by 7 inch photograph?

Is the question What is the AREA of a 5 inch by 7 inch photograph? The area of the photograph is 5 x 7 = 35 square inches. But if you are asking how much surface area does a 5 inch by 7 inch photograph have, you have to consider the area of both the front and the back of the photograph or 70 square inches.