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Updated: 9/23/2023
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The east-west streets and north-south avenues of a certain city are numbered consecutively from south
to north and east to west. All blocks are squares with the same side lengths. Mandy is standing on the
corner of 56th Street and 12th Avenue. Mark is standing on the corner of 32nd Street and 18th Avenue.
Mark calls Mandy and asks her to meet him at a spot halfway between their current locations.

a. Use the Midpoint Formula to find out where Mark wants to meet. Show your work.

b. Mandy says that Mark walks faster than she does, so he should have to walk farther. Assume that
Mark walks 1.25 times as fast as Mandy. If Mandy's distance walked in a given time period is d, what is
the distance Mark can walk in the same time period?

c. Use your results in part b to write and solve an equation to find the distances Mark and Mandy should
each walk.

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Q: Help with math question
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