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big daddy is the largest value. if the biggest number you can think of = x then big daddy = x + 1

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There isn't one... Think of a number and name it after yourself ;)

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Q: Highest number known to man that is not infinity?
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What is the highest number know to man?


What is th highest number known to man?

It doesn't make much sense to talk about the "highest number", or about the "highest number known to man", since there are infinitely many numbers. In the case of a finite number, you can always add one to get a higher number. In the case of an infinite number, you can always raise 2 to the power of this infinite number to get a higher infinity.

What is the highest number named by man?

The biggest number known to man is also unreachable. For every number you reach, you can go one higher. For example, "1,000,000 is the highest number known to man." people would argue "but what about 1,000,001?" ( found this answer here. a different answer: the highest number is infinity. Interestingly enough, the theoretical mathematicians (such as George Gamow) have identified more than one level of infinity. More on that subject can be found in books on higher math.

What is the highest number Grahams number or infinity?

Graham as you most known was a man with an addiction to heroin; although this is here say. It was stated that he himself got the highest number from the devil; therefore his number is a latin word that is still unknown to the world. He reveals that the number is so great it makes googleplex seem like zero. Apparantley it is known to be one less than infinity so count to infinity and than subtract one you will have Grahams number.

What is the highest prime number known to man?

It is not known to man because that number range is infinite.

When was Infinity-Man created?

Infinity-Man was created in 1971.

What is the highest number known to man?

The largest number that has a commonly-known specific name is a googolplex, which is a 1 followed by a googol zeros, where googol is 10100 (a 1 followed by 100 zeros).

What is the highest mountain known to man?

Olympus mons

When was The Man Who Knew Infinity created?

The Man Who Knew Infinity was created in 1991.

What is the ISBN of The Man Who Knew Infinity?

The ISBN of The Man Who Knew Infinity is 978-0684192598.

How many pages does The Man Who Knew Infinity have?

The Man Who Knew Infinity has 438 pages.

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