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Q: How do positive and negative slant languages help you in your future career?
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Can o negative women marry an ab positive man?

m o negative n my partner is positive male can we have a safe child in future

If you tested negative for HIV months after testing are you at risk in the future to test positive?

If you tested negative at 6 months after suspected exposure, it isn't likely you will test positive in the future unless you have been re-exposed.

What is 5 multiplied by negative 8?

To help you with future negative multiplications, two negatives= a positive answer. One negative and one positive= a negative. Just multiply like you would normally, but keep those two pointers in mind.

What if wife is B negative and husband is B positive?

If the mother is B negative and the father is B positive, the baby will be type B or type O, and will be negative or positive. The mother will typically have a Rhogram injection during and after her pregnancy to lower the risk of complications in future pregnancies, since she's Rh negative.

Effects of online games to students?

hmm... well, the efffects of online gaming, towards students, could be both positive - and negative. Positive, being.. online gaming could lock in their future career. Negative, being.. they could become too addictive to the game, and forget about homework, studies, and possibly their real-life.

What were the positive and negative effects of Henry Hudson exploring?

the positive is that he learned new things to help people in the future and the negative is people might have not liked that and travelling on a ship all day is not safe

What are the Positive and negative effects of family planning?

Positive effects of family planning are preventing unwanted pregnancy. Negative effects of family planning are contraceptives can interfere with womenÃ?s cycles and can have an effect on future fertility.

How Might affect you in your future career?

If you have a future.

How success turns out into positive thinking?

When you have a successful event in your life, obviously when you think about that event you think about it in a positive way. That positive thought then lead to positive motivation and ultimately to positive future action. A very nice circle begins to be formed. The more success you achieve, the more positive your thinking becomes, and eventually the more success you have in life in general. The same is true in the reverse, a poor experience leads to negative thinking and negative future results. The best thing to do in any situation is to learn how to look for the positive and the good in that situation, even if the outcome is not ideal, that way your chance of future success increases.

How man is the architect of his own fate?

He designs the outcome of his own future - be it positive or negative - through his own decision making process.

Is mass communication is a good field for career and my future is safe in it?

Your future is not safe or guaranteed in any career.

How many languages will exist in future?

Don't worry about the future. Focus on present languages because no one knows how long anything will be around for in the future.

What is the absolute value of negative 200?

200. for future advise to find the absolute value just ignore any sign and make the # positive

What are the Differences between postive and negative reinforcement?

Both positive and negative reinforcements encourage a person to act the same way in the future. However, a positive reinforcement is a reward for good behavior (a good grade, a sticker, a cookie). A negative reinforcement, on the other hand, is the removal of something negative as a reward for good behavior (the removal of a painful stimulus once a rat completes a maze, avoiding heavy traffic because you leave earlier in the morning). While these are different ways of reinforcing positive behavior, they both strengthen the given behavior and encourage the behavior in the future.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Career with a Future - 1985?

The cast of The Career with a Future - 1985 includes: Valerie Singleton as Herself - Presenter

How do you answer 'What are your future career plans' in a job interview?


Be sane and protect the girl child the need to prevent female and give the girl child a good. Future?

Prognosis not positive, if your chosen career involves communicating intelligibly.

What is career planning in terms of HRM?

career planning is nothing but planning the career it means plan future career. how build our life and career

Can an o negative girl marry b positive boy?

Yes, people of any blood types can marry. If a woman with negative Rh factor gets pregnant, she gets an injection to lower the risk of complications in future pregnancies.

How will studying nursing enhance your future career?

If in your future career information you gain while studying nursing can be put to use, studying nursing will have enhanced it.

Which type of planning begins where you want to be in the future?

Planning for your future begins with deciding what you want to be and do in a career. The next step is deciding what schooling is required to get that career.

Did the peace terms ending the world war 1 have a positive or negative effect on future global stability?

The peace terms ending the world war 1 had a mostly negative effect on future global stability as some countries felt unfairly treated. Many historians feel that the terms were the very cause of WW2.

What was the date 231 days ago? you can put a negative number in there to look for past dates or positive numbers for future dates

What are some positive behaviors that could be negative in the future?

Pride- it could make u offend someone later on but it could help u now I guesses

Mother's blood group is o rh negative and father's blood group is o rh negative can it be affect their babies?

It can affect their babies, mainly after the first baby. If the mother is Type O negative, and the first baby is positive, then there may be a danger to future positive babies because, during the first pregnancy, the mom's body may produce antigens to the positive blood type. This scenario may be why blood tests are taken when couples marry. A doctor should be consulted.