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Q: How do you write four units, one hundred and twenty two thousandths in decimals?
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how do you write four units, one hundred and twenty two thousandths?

in decimals

What is 27.346 in word form?

27.346 in word form is said as 'Twenty seven point three four six'. or Twenty seven three hundred and forty six thousandths. NOT ; Twenty seven point three hundred and forty six. Because the decimal units are being given the incorrect units .

How to write five hundreds two units and six hundreds twenty nine thousandths?


How do write 6520800 in word form?

Six million five hundred and twenty thousand eight hundred units

What is the place value of the digits in this decimal number 59.84312?

5 : tens9 : units 8 : tenths 4 : hundredths 3 : thousandths 1 : ten thousandths 2 : hundred thousandths.

What is four hundred five ten-thousandths in numbers?

four hundreds,five tens,two units for equivalent

What is 19.76485 rounded?

20 rounding units. 20.0 rounding tenths 19.8 rounding hundredths 19.76 rounding thousandths 19.765 rounding tenthousandths 19.7649 rounding hundred thousandths

What is the place value of each digit in 9876.54321?

9 thousands 8 hundreds 7 tens 6 units (or ones) 5 tenths 4 hundredths 3 thousandths 2 ten-thousandths 1 hundred-thousandths

What is MAB in mathematics?

It is a multi-based arithmetic blocks. Which in 1 cube you represent i unit. In ten cube you represents ten units. In hundred units it is a flat. And there is also a thousandths unit.

How do I write two hundred fifteen thousandths in kilograms?

The answer depends on the units which were used for the amount. The answer, in kilograms will be different according to whether the units were grams, pounds, tons or some other measure.

What is 3.141592?

3 Units 1 Tenth 4 hundredths 1 Thousandth 5 Ten Thousandths 9 Hundred Thousandths 2 millionths That's a six-digit approximation of pi.

How do you 420 in Spanish?

cuatrocientos veinte. Two notes: hundreds are normally said as plurals in Spanish (cuatrocientos compared to four hundred in English), and there is no "y" between the hundreds and the tens units. In English you could say either "four hundred twenty or four hundred and twenty). Also, if there were a units designator, i.e. 425, it would be cuatrocientos veinte y cinco.