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Q: How many eights are in 4 and one half?
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How many eights are in one half?

4... i think

What is one half plus three eights in fractions?

seven eights. 1 half = 4 eights add 3 eights and you get 7 eights.

What is one half plus two eights?

it is 6 eights or 3/4

How many eights of an inch is one half?

There are 4 because 4/8 = 1/2

How many eights are equal to a half?


Is one half equal to three eighths plus one eighth?

Yes. three eights plus one eight equals 4 eights, or one half

Which is bigger one half or three eights?

one half because 4 eighths would be a half

What is 4 and 5 eights rounded to the nearest one-half?

4 5/8 rounded to the nearest one-half is 5.

What is one half take away two eights?


What is five eights plus seven eights?

Five eights plus seven eights is twelve eights. 12/8 is 8/8 and 4/8 is 1 4/8 is 1 1/2 (one and a half)

Is 1 half greater or less than 3 eighths?

One half (1/2) is greater than three eights (3/8) because one half is equal to four eights (4/8).

How many whole apples do you have if you have 12 eights?

12/8 is the same as 8/8 plus 4/8 which is one and a half apples.

How many eighths equals one fourth?

There are two eights in one fourth.

What is 1 half of 4 eights?


What is half of seven eights?

Half of seven eights is three fourths

how many eights are in 3 fourths?

There are 6 eights in 3/4.

What fraction is between one half and one fourth?

A fraction between one half (1/2) and one fourth (1/4) is three eights (3/8).

If you had one half of a circle made from eighths could you take away three eighths?

Yes, half of a circle made of eights is 4 eights. Take away 3 eight you still have 1 left.

Is five eights larger than one half?

Yes because 4 8ths is equal to 1 half and 5 8ths is beigger thana half

What is 1 fourth plus 1 half plus 1 eighth?

Converting this to eights, it becomes: 2 eights + 4 eights + 1 eight = 7 eights.

How many eights in one fourth?

2/8 = 1/4

What does one eights plus three eights equals?


How many eights are in three fourth inches?

3/4 eights

How many fourths is equal to four eights?

4/8 is equal to 2/4 It's also equaled to a half

Are there four eights in one half?

YES Consider a pizza, if you slice it into 8 pieces, 4 pieces would be half because 4 is half of 8. Therefore, 4 eighths is half of a whole (8/8)