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Q: How much tea spoon is 2-2.5 gram?
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How many 5 grams in one tea spoon?

1 tea spoon = 4.73 grams. There are 1.06 5 gram units in a tea spoon.

How many teaspoon in 12 gram?

how many tea spoon in 12 gram

How much is a quarter tea spoon of herbs?

How much is a quater tea spoon of dried powder

How many tea spoon in 50 gram?

You can not equate grams and teaspoons without also knowing the density.

How much sperm goes into the women?

about a tea spoon

Is a dessert spoon a tea spoon?


How much is a tea spoon in grams?

That is approximately 5 grams

13 grams is how many teaspoons?

a tea spoon is 5 grams, a desert spoon is 10 grams and and a table spoon is 15 gram so 13 grams is; 2.6 tea spoons 1.3 desert spoons 0.86 table spoons

How much is 22 g of sugar is in teaspoons?

1 tea spoon

Is iced tea spoon same measure as tea spoon?

Iced tea spoons in most flatware patterns have smaller bowls than that same pattern's tea spoons.Further, neither an iced tea spoon nor a tea spoon is a teaspoon measure, nor are they intended to be. If you need a teaspoon (as in a recipe), that means to use a measuring spoon, not a piece of arbitrarily-sized flatware.

What is the short spelling of tea and tablespoons?

tea spoon = tsp table spoon = tbsp

What is tea spoon?

Just a small spoon used to stir tea with a measure size of about 5 millilitres

How much ground nutmeg equals to 1 whole?

1 tea spoon

How much sugar is in 250ml of coke?

9 and half tea spoon

How much is 5.0ml?

1 TSP which is 1 tea spoon

How many ml in a dessert spoon?

There are 10ml in a dessert spoon. (And 5ml in a tea spoon.)

What is the energy flow in a spoon which is half in a cup of hot tea?

I believe as the tea is in contact with the spoon, the molecules in the spoon start moving around as they are heating up, causing the spoon to become hot.

How many grams of tea in a tea spoon?

There are 5 grams of tea in a teaspoon.

How much chili powder instead of chili sauce?

just one tea spoon

How much caffeine in a Snapple diet iced tea?

1500 gram

How does a dessert spoon look?

Slightly bigger than a tea spoon.

How much energy is in a cup of tea?

Tea with sugar provides energy. One level tea spoon of sugar is equal to 15 calories. Tea by itself has refreshing, invigorating and stimulating qualities

A gram of tea equals how many ounces?

A gram of liquid tea is much less than an ounce, about 1/29th of an ounce. There are 29.57 milliliters in an ounce, and 1 ml of water weighs about 1 gram.

What are the trivia of spoon?

If you are interested in spoons, you might want to visit the Spoon Museum in New Jersey, where they have more than 5000 spoons that are on display. An Australian tea spoon is smaller than a British tea spoon.3 british tea spoons = 4 australian tea spoons. A greasy spoon is a colloquial term for an inexpensive diner or other similar restaurant.

How much is a set of Princess Diana teaspoons with pictures on?

tea spoon of Princess of wales with picture