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Q: How Archimedes principle is used to design ships and sub marines?
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What are the devices based on Archimedes principle?


What do Archimedes principal help to explain?

Archimedes principal explains buoyancy. The principle makes its use in ships and submarines.

What are some Greek gifts that you still use today?

1. Archimedes' principle - while constructing ships

What inventions of Archimedes are still being used today?

One invention Archimedes invented is the Archimedes Screw. It's still used today to irrigate crops.

What did Archimedes do with mirrors?

Archimedes invented a device to set fire to ships. This used mirrors to focus the rays of the sun on the ships which were attacking the city.

What did Archimedes use magnets for?

Archimedes is purported to have used loadstones to remove nails from enemy ships thus sinking them.

Where the marines first known as snipers?

No Marines where first know as ship guards, they where on the old ships and fight the British marines.

How do ships use Archimedes principle?

Archimedes principle led to the Plimsoll Line, which is marks painted near the bows of a ship. Basically, a ship on salt water floats higher and can carry more cargo. While a ship on fresh water will float lower and can safely carry less cargo. Samual Plimsoll introduced the Plimsoll Line to solved the hazard of capsizing posed by overloading a ship.

Why were the marines on the ships for the first fleet?

The marines were required as guards and soldiers. They were there to enact the orders of the officers.

What are the names of the marines who fought at Normandy?

There were no US Marines on the BEACHES at Normandy. There were marine snipers on the highest points on the ships firing at badly placed mines and MG nests along the beach. There were marines operating the main guns on the ships.

How do you design custom flash wars ships?

How do you design custom Flash Wars ships.

How does Archimedes' claw work?

a large weight drops flinging the claw to grap ships