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Everyday life is frequently irrational.

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Q: How Can irrational numbers compare to everyday life?
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How are rational and irrational numbers used in everyday life?

Here's an idea: Actually TRY to think before you start asking the answers to your homework questions on here...

How are irrational numbers used in everyday life?

Some numbers such as pi, e, and square roots are used quite commonly. Whether you use them at all will depend on what you do in your everyday life, of course. Engineers might use them commonly; others not so much.Even for an engineer, or ESPECIALLY for an engineer, the distinction between rational and irrational is irrelevant for most practical purposes; for instance, if you round pi, or the square root of 2 (which are both IRRATIONAL), to 10 or 15 significant digits, you get a RATIONAL number - and the resulting precision is more than enough for most purposes. (In fact, if you round to ANY number of digits, the result will still be rational.)

What can you compare the smooth ER to in everyday life?

you can compare it to a castle! i di this on my project and it worked!

What do they compare enzymes to in your everyday life?

Enzymes can be compared to a key that unlocks a door. They help speed up chemical reactions in the body by lowering the energy required for the reaction to occur, just like a key makes it easier to open a lock.

If reality is rational is there also a reality in irrational?

Yes. In mathematics there are irrational numbers that are a subset of real numbers. In real life, there are actions taken that are irrational but the fact that they are taken makes them part of reality.

What are two real-life application of irrational numbers?

The square root of 2 and the value of pi are two examples of irrational numbers which can't be expressed as fractions

What are the uses of accounting in everyday life?

Yes, because you use math in everyday life. And counting is math ,because there numbers and numbers are apart of math.

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Why is it that numbers are important?

Cause they are everywhere. you use them in everyday life

When do you use rounding up numbers in everyday life?


What irrational number used in your daily life?

You will use the numbers pi and e (or applications which use them).

How do you use negative numbers in everyday life?

golf score cards