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lenth*breth*thickness*2.45= /total volume of dump truk

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Q: How Formula for measuring asphalt to tons?
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What is the formula to figure up how much asphalt you will need for an area of 27707 sq feet at 3 thick?

the formula for figuring out asphalt is.. L x W x D x 110 / 9 / 2000 = tons of asphalt. Where: L = Length in feet W = Width in feet D = Depth in inches 110 = a average weight of a square foot asphalt 1 inch thick /9 = convert to square yards /2000 = convert weight to tons So.. 27707 x 3 x 110 / 9 / 2000 = 508 tons.

What is the density of premix asphalt per metric ton?

The density of this substance is 2.6 tons per cubic meter. You can find this out by using the formula for density.

How do you convert 45 square meters of asphalt to tons?

The answer requires the average thickness and density of the asphalt.

How many tons of asphalt in a squaremeter?

Any number that you like: it depends how high the asphalt is stacked!

When cutting asphalt with an asphalt saw how do you determine how many linear feet you have cut?

use a measuring wheel

Please Convert 509 tons of asphalt concrete binder course to cubic meter?

To convert 509 tons of asphalt concrete binder course to cubic meters, you need to know the density of the material. The density of asphalt concrete binder course can vary, but a common value is around 2.2 tons per cubic meter. Using this value, 509 tons would be approximately 231.36 cubic meters.

How many tons of asphalt will you use on a 500 square meters piece of land?

The answer depends on how deep you want the asphalt layer to be!

How much to resurface parking lot?

Use this formula and it will give you the tonnage needed. lenght x width divided by 9 = square yards next S.Y. x thickness of asphalt desired x 120 divided by 2000 = tons Depending on the liquid asphalt index will determine the price for a ton of asphalt. example: 20' x 60' divided by 9 = 133.333 9 x 2" (inches) x 120 divided by 2000 = 15.999 tons I-D 2 Top for base use 115 instead of 120 in the formula.

How many tons are in a yard of asphalt?

Asphalt installation is usually bid by the square yard, the installer will buy asphalt by the ton, and it will be delivered in a truck measured in cubic yards. Therefore, a volume/weight/area ratio is required. In short, an estimator will typically assume that one square yard of compacted asphalt laid one inch deep will weigh approximately 111 pounds.

How do you convert 185 cubic meter of asphalt to metric tons of asphalt?

just multiply with 1.5471 factor to get in terms of tons 184x1.5474 =286.213tons srini can you please provide details of how 1.5474 figure came? The correct answere is 393.6 tonnes

The asphalt in a five yard dump trucks weighs how much?

As a rule of thumb - 1 cubic yard of asphalt weighs 4000 lbs (2 tons) +-

Convert tons to long tons?

Formula: tons x 0.8928571 = long tons