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Convert the fraction into a decimal. Multiply the decimal by 100.

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Q: How Ti write a fraction as a percent concert the fraction into a?
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How do you write fraction on a TI-3OX IIS?

use the [a b/c] button

Where is the fraction key on the TI-83 Plus Calculator?

The fraction function of a TI-83 Plus calculator is number one under the math button.

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How do you enter complex fractions on ti inspire?

You can enter complex fractions on a TI-Inspire calculator, even though there is not a fraction button. Since a fraction bar essentially means to divide, so the division button is a fraction bar.

Where is the percent button in the TI-83 plus calculator?

not one

What is 50 percent to 46?

what is 50 decreased ti 46

Is 67 over 120 in simplest form?

My TI-84 fraction function says it is and I, looking at that unfactorable fraction, agree!

How do you make a fraction on a ti-83 plus?

If you have an answer that you want to change into a fraction hit Math then 1 (labeled Frac) and then enter.

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Where is percent sign on TI-83 plus?

Sorry, there isn't one

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How do i put a fraction in on my ti 84 ymx plus b?

Read the calculator manual.

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How do you turn a decimal to a fraction?

If your have a ti calcuator. Hit the button that looks like ab/xy or go on to 2nd math and scrol down to fraction. Hope this helps.

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How do you use tI-84 plus calculator for fractions?

The easiest way to use a fraction on the TI-84 is to type it in like this: (1/2) for one half (3/4) for three fourths etc Use the division sign as the fraction bar, and put the whole fraction in parenthesis. Make sure you use the parenthesis, otherwise your answer will come out incorrect.

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