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They both use numbers.

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Q: How a number line and a time line similar mathematically?
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How a number line and a time line are similar mathematically?

A time line is a number line of years

Explain how a number line and a time line are similar mathematically?

well they are similar because they bth got yo mom in it

How are number lines and time lines similar mathematically?

They are lines along which some continuous variable is measured.

How are a number line and a time line similar?

they are both in chronological order

How do you prove mathematically that a point or a link in a mechanism is traveling in a straight line?

You find the locus of the point over time and either through geometrical or algebraic reasoning demonstrate that the result is a straight line.

Why is the time the same in ghina as it it in the UK?

Because it is on a similar line of longitude so is in the same time zone.

Is Adventure Time good?

Definitely awesome, and MATHEMATICALLY RIGHTEOUS!

What rhymes with number nine?

fine line time

How do you get rid of your facebook time-line?

The Timeline instals similar to an application. You should be able to remove it, similar to other applications. If not, your doomed to Timeline forever!!

What is the Definition of irrational numbers and real numbers?

An irrational number is one that can not be written as a/b where a and b are integers(whole numbers such as 5, -2, and 831).Mathematically: A quantity which can not be expressed as the ratio of two integers.Real numbers are any number you can find in the real world. For example:-the square root of 2-the length of a line (any line)-pi (3.1415..........)-The number of people in a flight-The time it takes the water to boilA more formal definition would be: Any number which does not have an imaginary component.

How are time and longitude related?

Time and longitude are related in one very simple way. Most of the locations on one line of latitude will be in a similar time zone.

How are velocity time and acceleration related mathematically?

a = dv/dt For constant acceleration, this is equivalent to: a = (change in velocity) / time

How does Daylight Saving Time work mathematically without affecting our calendars?

We switch the time back to normal in November

What is a bar line?

in music it is a line used to divide the piece into bars with a certain number of beats based on the time signature

Would a line graph or bar graph be better for showing the number of birds of each color in a population?

a bar graph because the line graph shows something in a period of time. Also a bar graph would show the number of birds and the color of them at the time while a line graph would show only the number of birds and the time.

How does Daylight Saving Time mathematically work without affecting the calendar?

bla bla bla

What do you call the graph that uses an x above a number on a number line each time that number occurs in a set of data?

coordinate plane

How is the number 12 used in everyday life?

In telling the time. For example hours on a clock face, months in a year. Counting in dozens. In some mathematically challenged societies for lengths (feet into inches).

Does music have math in it?

Yes - very much so. The frequencies of each note are mathematically related, and sequences of notes that are interpreted as pleasant or melodious also follow a mathematical pattern. Key transpositions and chord progressions can be worked out mathematically as well. The lengths of notes and time signatures are mathematically derived.

How does a number line help you find the smaller value of two numbers?

Since the numbers on a number line increase from left to right, it follows that any number to the left of another number is smaller than that other number. Of course, most of the time it is quite obvious which of two numbers is larger, and we don't need to plot them on a number line to find that out.

What are some good things to put in a time line?

I am writing a paragraph about it. Number one a time line can help you study some of the history that could have happened to your family. Number two a time line tells dates. In case you forget what day it is or it is your friends birthday you can look at this time line to see when it is at. My third reason is that a time line can help you study social studies in class or it can help you with a history paper. My fourth reason is that you can eat a time line when you are hungry, but it doesn't go down instead it goes up to your brain. This final reason is that you can throw it at your parents, or any adult then they would open it up, see that you are studying a time line, and they can be happy. These are all of the reasons why a time line is really, really, really, really important.

Does time line have a hyphen?

does time-line have a hyphen

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Any phone line and number can be used with a fax machine. If you want a separate line so you can use the phone at the same time call your phone company and add a line.

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Cable companies allow but one number per line at a single time. The way to add numbers is by purchasing an extra line, and you may have to purchase a new number as well.

When you find simple interest does the time have to be in months?

no it has to be in years so if its in moths you divide that number by 12. if you can simplify 12 and that number. if the number is repeating when you divide you put a line over what number is repeating and multiply that time by the (P) and (R).