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They both have right angles (obviously) But the scalene has no sides the same length but the isosceles has 2 equal sides

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Q: How are a right isosceles triangle and a right scalene triangle alike how are they different?
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Billy has a pattern block of a right triangle and Laura has oneof a scalene triangle. Tell how the pattern blocks are alike.?

They are alike because they can have unequal sides. They are different because scalene cannot have a right angle.

How are scalene triangle and right triangle alike?

They are both polygons with three sides.

How are an equilateral triangle and a scalene triangle alike?

Three angle and three sides that are closed is a triangle. interior angles add up to 180 exterior anglis add up to 900

How are a triangle and a square alike and different?

They are different because a square has 4 right angles and a triangle has no right angles they are also alike because they are both shapes

How were the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and sweatshop conditions alike?

Since the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was not a sweatshop the conditions were not alike.

How are a right triangle and an equilateral triangle alike and different?

a right triangle has 1 right angle an equilateral triangle has none they are both triangles an equilateral triangle has three equal side a right triangle has only 1 or 2-THANKS! your pretty nice!

How are a triangle and a trapezoid alike?

they are alike because they both have acute angles

What is a triangle with no alike sides?

A square

How are triangle -based pyramid and trianlguar prism alike?

there base are a triangle

Why are a triangle and square are alike?

a triangle is half a square

A triangle and a square are alike because?

They are polygons.

How are a triangle and a rectangle alike?

They are both polygons.