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Equations have and can only have a =

Inequalities have <, >, greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, or =

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Q: How are equations and inequalities different?
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Compare and contrast equations and inequalities?

Inequalities and equations are both the same because they are both mathematical expression and they both use the same steps EXCEPT for the end. Inequalities and equations are both different because equations have an equal sign, the answer is not an interval, and the answer is a specific answer. Not a range. While inequalities don't have an equal sign, its answer is an interval, and it's answer is in a range.

What is the difference between inequalities and equations using adding?

equations have an = sign, inequalities do not

How do you know if a system has one solution?

If the equations or inequalities have the same slope, they have no solution or infinite solutions. If the equations/inequalities have different slopes, the system has only one solution.

Can a system of equations have more than two inequalities?

A system of equations can have any number of inequalities.

What are the two rules for inequalities which do not occur in equations?

Inequalities are not reflexive. Inequalities are not commutative.

What is the difference between inequalities and equations is true or false?

"What is the difference between inequalities and equations" is a question, not a statement. A question cannot be true or false. It can be pointless, or badly phrased or misguided but that is a different matter.

How are the rules for solving inequalities similar to those for solving equations?

Solving inequalities and equations are the same because both have variables in the equation.

How are word problems with equations different from word problems with expressions?

It may be possible to solve equations. Expressions cannot be solved until they are converted, with additional information, into equations or inequalities which may have solutions.

What has the author Wolfgang Walter written?

Wolfgang Walter has written: 'Differential and integral inequalities' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Integral inequalities, Integral equations

What types of equations or inequalities describe points x y that lie on a circle?

Linear equations or inequalities describe points x y that lie on a circle.

How can equations and inequalities help a business maximize profit or minimize costs?

Equations and inequalities help maximize profit in a business by simultaneously optimizing the growth and profitability.

Are their similar things about inequalities and equations?

They both have variables.