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When a fraction is simplified, it is made into an equivalent fraction with no common divisor between the numerator and denominator.

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Q: How are equivalent fractions related to simplifying fractions?
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Related questions

How do simplifying relates to equivalent fractions?

give me a answer

What involves a process of trial and error simplifying fractions changing percentages to decials metric conversions reading musical notes?

Simplifying fractions

What is the GCF used for?

Simplifying fractions

What is a trial and error?

simplifying fractions

When do you use GCF?

When you are simplifying fractions.

all types of simplifying fractions?

seven times eight

What is the definition of equivalent ratio?

It means that there are two different representations of what is basically the same ration, for example 1:2 versus 2:4. Expanding and simplifying ratios is basically the same as expanding and simplifying fractions.

What property also works for simplifying fractions?


What are facts about simplifying fractions?

to make them as simple as possible

When do you use cross multiplication?

When comparing or simplifying fractions.

Why do you find GCF?

It helps in simplifying fractions.

How can you use the greatest common factor?

When simplifying fractions.

What are some uses of HCF?

Use the GCF when you are simplifying fractions.

When do you use factor theorem in real life?

when simplifying fractions

What type of problems can be solved using gcf?

Simplifying fractions

What is the purpose of finding the greatest common factor?

It helps in simplifying fractions.

What is simplifying fractions?

16/36 = 4/9

simplifying fractions answers of 515?

5/15 = 1/3

When do you need the greatest common factor?

The GCF helps in simplifying fractions.

Why do need greatest common factor?

The GCF helps in simplifying fractions.

How do you solve all fractions problems?

You basically have to learn separately how to do different things with fractions, including finding a common denominator; converting fractions to a different denominator; simplifying fractions; adding and subtracting fractions; multiplying fractions; dividing fractions.

When can you use common multiples and factors?

Use the LCM when you are adding and subtracting unlike fractions. Use the GCF when you are simplifying fractions.

What does gcf do to fractions?

Finding the GCF of the numerator and the denominator in a fraction is the first step to simplifying it.

What is a simplifying fractions?

Reducing them to their lowest terms as for example 75/100 = 3/4

How can greatest common factor be used in real life?

For simplifying fractions to their lowest terms