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It is not clear why a math number should later (then) become a science number.

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Q: How are math number different then science numbers?
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How are math and English different?

English is a language and Math is a science (of numbers, short for 'mathematics').

What is math and science?

Science is the scientific study of all things natural and math is the study of numbers.

What is important science or math?

Math, math is the back bone to all science, without out math there is no science.

A number that is not real?

That probably refers either to an imaginary number, or to a complex number. Despite the weird name, the "imaginary numbers" (and the complex numbers) have many uses in math and science.

How is math used in science?

It is there for counting the degrees and numbers to the answer

Why is math a branch of science?

Math is basically the science of numbers and other stuff like shapes, graphs, lines, etc.

What is the name of the number system you use in everyday math?

The real number system is the set of numbers on a regular number line. This includes rational and irrational numbers. The imaginary numbers start appearing when you do science, engineering, and electricity.

What contributions did muslim make in math and science?

Muslim contributed many things in math and science, like numbers that we are using and others.

How can one be good at math but bad at physics chemistry computer science and engineering?

Science is more about vocabulary while math is about numbers

Is there a number that rhymes with math?

No math does not have any rhyming numbers.

How are the fields of math and science related?

they both use numbers........CAUC

Is the golden number gods finger print?

Umm... no. Numbers are math, math is the language of science. Science was created by God, yes... but his fingerprint? I think if you want to find "God's fingerprint", look inward at your soul. YOU are God's fingerprint.

What does math mean?

math means to play with numbers and to use different properties

How numbers effect your life?

Without mathematics, civilization would be impossible. Numbers are the essence of all civilized science. Without math, there is no science. Without science there is no progress. According to the ancient art of numerology, all the numbers that persistently enter our lives hold meaning for us, if we stop to notice. The life path number is an important number and can be determined by tallying the birth date numbers.

What are positive numbers in math?

Positive numbers are numbers to the right of zero on a number line.

What are the tools of science?

Math is just a tool for science. Everything that math is is only itself because of science. Science involves everything; it is the most important thing. Everything is just a tool for it, including math. For example, science experiments require making data tables. Data tables require numbers, aka math. Get my point? So, math is the biggest tool for science, and an important one, too.

Numbers close to the numbers in the problem that can allow you to do math mentally?

compatible number

How do you get the mean in math?

you add all the numbers together then divide the answer by the number of numbers there are

What is the phone number of the Western Colorado Math And Science Cente in Grand Jct Colorado?

The phone number of the Western Colorado Math And Science Cente is: 970-254-1626.

How is science used every day?

Science is math and math is science

How is the number two used in science?

All numbers are used in science. There isn't really a specific way two is used in science but if you'd like to know two can be used for the amount or quantity for a chemical. There is such thing as math science where a bunch of people discover new things like prime numbers (which are numbers that can only be divided by itself and 1) and more.

What does prime number mean in maths?

With math, numbers is a very interesting concept. There are different types of numbers such as prime number, composite number and so on. The concept of prime numbers is explained below which is included in the study of maths and numbers. A prime number is a number that has no factors besides the number one and itself! for example: 3 no numbers go into it except 3 and 1 The prime numbers are the numbers which are divided by the number itself and 1.1 is not a prime numbers and 2 is the only even number.To know about the prime numbers in math you can see the below link as i get some thing good explanation about the prime numbers.

What is the least number with all odd digits?

that is math where thanking about the science

What is the inverse of the statement If you like math then you like science?

If I do not like math, then I do not like science.

Why is it that there are people who are good at math but bad at science?

The acute difference between science and math is that math is more of applying rules and methods to solve a problem, while science is more of memorizing different concepts and vocabulary that is related to a topic.