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Q: How are ratios used in everyday situations?
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Does knowing ratios help with jobs?

Yes,. The use of ratios is necessary in most situations.

How are decimals used for everyday situations?

When you are shopping or rounding decimals to the nearest price!

Examples of ratios in everyday use?

Many people use ratios for many reasons in everyday things we preform. Cooking, for example, because you have to measure the ingredients.

Why do you use ratios?

Bcause they are part of are everyday lives!! and we need them

How does one use virtualization in daily life?

Virtualization can be used many different ways in everyday life. Those who use hypothetical situations in their work would use this everyday.

What is an antartian?

An Antartian is a term used usually in jokes directed towards personalities that lack common sense in everyday situations.

Why are percents important in everyday situations?

Ibrahim Bull

What kind images does Jesus used in his parables?

Ordinary everyday situations: shepards, sower, reapers, farmers, kings, servants, husbandmen.

What are three everyday situations involving heat transfer?


How are pulleys used in everyday life?

Pulleys are used in everyday life in various ways, such as in elevators to lift and lower people or objects, in exercise equipment to provide resistance, in construction to lift heavy loads, and in window blinds to raise and lower them. They are a simple and effective way to change the direction of a force and make tasks easier to perform.

What are the ratios used for in heredity?

The ratios are percents, which can be calculated by a punnett square.

How is volume used in everyday lives?

Volume is used in everyday life in a number of situations. A few of them include when filling up a vehicle with gasoline, figuring up the amount of beverages in cans or bottles, in cooking and baking as well as in cleaning and water conservation.