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they are alike because congruent means the same ,and there is no difference.

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Q: How are similar and congruent shapes alike and how are they different?
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How are congruent and similar shapes different?

Similar shapes are the same shape and not the same size but congruent shapes are exactly alike

What is the difinition of congruent?

The definition of the word "congruent" is two plain figures or shapes that are exactly alike by transition, flip, or rotation.

Do pot racks come in different sizes?

Pot racks come in several different sizes and shapes. Different retailers offer a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, but most are similar, and alike in color.

How is the cube and cylinder alike different?

they are both 3D but different shapes

How are magnets alike and How are magnets different?

My answer id they have different shapes and colors.

What is alike and different about similar and congruent figures?

If two figures are similar or congruent, each angle of the first figure is the same as the corresponding angle of the second figure.In similar figures, the ratio of each side in the first figure to the corresponding side in the second figure is a constant. If the figures are congruent, that ratio is 1: that is, the corresponding sides are of the same measure.

How are all plants alike and different?

It is alike because it takes in carbon dioxide and water. It is different because it can be different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Is a herbaceous tree and a woody tree alike or different?

alike and it is similar

The opposite of different?

same, alike, similar

How are a triangle and a square alike and different?

They are different because a square has 4 right angles and a triangle has no right angles they are also alike because they are both shapes

How are a regular shapes and a irregular shapes alike?


How does biodiversity work in your backyard?

Biodiversity is animals that are all different shapes and sizes none are alike.

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