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Q: How are symmetrical and radial balance similar yet different?
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What type of balance does a rose window have?

Radial. The balance of a rose window is radial.

What are the Three types of balance in art?

(1) Symmetrical balance (2) Asymmetrical balance (3) Radial balance

What type of balance is illustrated here Asymmetrical balance Symmetrical balance Radial balance?


What are the three type of balances of art?

(1) Symmetrical balance (2) Asymmetrical balance (3) Radial balance

Does a muskrat exhibit bilateral or radial symmetry?

Bilateral (meaning that it is symmetrical only is divided alone onle specific line. Radial symmetry means that the object can be symmetrical when divided along more that one different line.)

Does a jellyfish have bilateral symmetry radial symmetry or asymmetrical symmetry?

Jelly fish are radial symmetrical

What balance features elements that come from a central point or create a central focus?

radial balance

Is a jellyfish symmetry radial or bilaterial?

Brain corals are hemispherical or spherical in shape resembling a brain. They must me radially symmetrical organism.

This type of balance features elements that come from a central point?

radial balance

Which animal has radial symmetry?

Cnidarians are true radially symmetrical animals. They include jellyfish. Echinoderms (like starfish) also display radial symmetry. It is important to note that the larvae of echinoderms are bilaterally symmetrical and that Echinoderms evolved from a bilaterally symmetrical group.

What symmetry does hydra have?

Hydra are symmetrical radially from the top

Does and oak leaf have radial symmetry?

Oak leef is bilaterally symmetrical.