How are the integers and natural numbers different?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Natural numbers do not include negatives. Integers do.

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Q: How are the integers and natural numbers different?
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How are integers and natural numbers different?

Integers are all positive and negative whole numbers, and natural numbers are all positve whole numbers including zero. So, natural numbers is a subset of integers.

Are some natural numbers are integers?

ALL natural numbers are integers.

Are natural numbers integers?

No. The set of integer includes negative integers which are not natural numbers..

Is an integer a natural number?

All natural numbers are integers, not all integers are natural numbers.

Is positive integers belong to natural numbers?

Positive integers are (not is!) a proper subset of natural numbers. The natural numbers comprise positive integers and zero.

Are natural numbers whole numbers and integers also rational numbers?

Natural and whole numbers are, and integers are rational.

Can natural numbers be integers?

That's so easy that ALL of the natural numbers are integers.

What are all of the natural numbers that are not integers?

Null set. All natural numbers are integers.

Why are rules different for integers comppared to natural and whole numbers?

Since whole numbers are the same as integers, there are no different rules! The only way in which the rules for natural numbers is different is that the set does not contain the additional opposites of numbers (in other words, the set is not closed under subtraction).

Give the different kinds of real numbers?

Natural numbers or Counting numbers Integers Rational numbers Irrational numbers

Integers are not natural numbers?

No. The set of integer includes negative integers which are not natural numbers..

How are integers different from natural and whole numbers?

An integer is any whole number