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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How are vectors used?
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How do you use vectors?

Vectors are used to denote or model directions.

What are the applications of Parallelogram law of vectors?

The law is used to add vectors to find the resultant of two or more vectors acting at a point.

How do you use vectors in volleyball?

Vectors are one of the any variables used in the calculation of the speed of the ball.

How artificial chromosomes are used as cloning vectors with example?

Artificial chromosomes are vectors designed to carry large amounts of DNA. The lambda bacteriophage is a widely used cloning vector

How are vectors used in daily life?

They are used in airplanes and in sailboats.

What is the difference between coplanar vectors and collinear vectors?

The term collinear is used to describe vectors which are scalar multiples of one another (they are parallel; can have different magnitudes in the same or opposite direction). The term coplanar is used to describe vectors in at least 3-space. Coplanar vectors are three or more vectors that lie in the same plane (any 2-D flat surface).

When are two vectors identical?

Two vectors are identical when all their components are identical. An alternative definition, for vectors used in physics, is that they are identical when both the magnitude and the direction are identical.

What are the application of eigen vectors and eigen values in signal and system?

In signals eigen values and eigen vectors are used in finding directions.... Signals are based on eigen vectors

How do you use vector in a sentence?

Vectors are used in the sun

When viruses are used as vectors in genetic engineering?

its c

Commonly used vectors include?

B. Viruses

How are vectors used in playing billiards or pool?

There are no vectors used in playing billiards or pool. The use of vectors oversimplifies the action of the balls in play and simply does not apply to the game. The physics of cue ball action relies more on rotational momentum than simple vectors, and ball to rail interaction is a complex mathematical problem that cannot be determined by simple vectors.

What is muscle force and its vector representation?

Muscle force is the force produced by the contraction of a muscle. Force vectors, torque vectors, and difference vectors can all be used to help describe this force.

Do component vectors only apply to displacement?

Component vectors can be used with a variety of different used in physics, including displacement, force, acceleration, electric field, etc.

What are different types of vectors used in genetic engineering?

The four major types of vectors are plasmids, viral vectors, cosmids, and artificial chromosomes. All engineered vectors have an origin of replication, a multi-cloning site, and a selectable marker.

What are the two kinds of commonly used vectors?

Force and acceleration.

What are two types of vector used in recombinant DNA technology?

Two types of vectors are most commonly used: E. coli plasmid vectors and bacteriophage ฮป vectors. Plasmid vectors replicate along with their host cells, while ฮป vectors replicate as lytic viruses, killing the host cell and packaging the DNA into virions

What is arthropod vectors?

Vectors of the arthropod.

What particles are often used as vehicles to transmit replacement dna to cells during gene therapy?

One of the most common vectors used to transmit new DNA into cells is a plasmid. This is a small, circular piece of DNA found in bacteria.Other vectors used include; viral vectors, cosmids and artificial chromosomes.

Commonly used vectors include what?

Vectors have a lot of applications in physics and engineering. Velocity, acceleration and forces are vectors. For example, you can use vectors to determine the total distance travelled by a boat travelling across a river at 25 miles/hour while the river flows perpendicular to the boat at 10 miles/hour. There are loads of other applications. Vectors can be used to predict the movement of planets in their orbits, and are useful for 3D geometry in general. Vectors are also essential in electromagnetics, where they are used to represent electric and magnetic fields and their relationships. Maxwell's equations are equations which use vectors. The Poynting vector is used to calculate the flow of electromagnetic energy through space, for example by radio waves or light.

What do you get when Multiplying or dividing vectors by scalars?


Can velocity vectors be combined with force vectors?


Velocity addition is used when motion involves?

Velocity addition is used when motion involves vectors.

Can two vectors having different magnitudes be combined to give a zero resultant can three vectors?

Two vectors: no. Three vectors: yes.

What are the coplanar vectors in mathematics?

Vectors that sum to zero are coplanar and coplanar vectors sum to zero.