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Q: How area of sphere is connected to area of circle?
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How do you find out the area of a 3D circle?

The area of a sphere is 4πr2.

Where do you use pi in measurement?

circular calculations. circumference, area of circle, vol of sphere, surface area of sphere, etc.

Volume of a circle?

Technically, a circle is a 2-dimensional object, so the question should read "volume of a sphere" OR "Area of a circle". The formula to work out the volume of a sphere is: 4/3 pi x r3, where "r" is the radius of the sphere. To find the area of a circle: pi x r2.

How do you calculate the area of a sphere?

The surface area of a sphere is 4 x pi x radius2 - exactly 4 times the area of the circle you get when you cut the the sphere right through the center.

HOW TO find the volume of a circle?

The area of a circle is 'pi' multiplied by the square of the circle's radius.The volume of a circle is zero.The volume of a sphere is (4/3 pi) multiplied by the cube of the sphere's radius.

What is the largest circle that can be drawn around a sphere such as a globe?

That's called a "great circle" of the sphere. -- It's any circle whose center is at the center of the sphere. -- Its diameter is equal to the diameter of the sphere. -- Its area is equal to 1/4 the surface area of the sphere. -- The shortest distance between any two points on the sphere is along the piece of the great circle on which they lie. (There's only one, unless the two points are the opposite ends of a diameter.)

How is a circle and a sphere difrrent?

A sphere is three dimensional, a circle is not. So a tennis ball is sphere not a circle You can draw a circle on paper but is is not a sphere.

If you cut through a solid sphere what shape will the flat area be?

A circle.

What is the formula for finding the surface area of the circle?

A circle doesn't have a surface area because it is a 2D object. The area of a circle is = pi r2. if you mean the surface area of a sphere it is = 4 pi r2

How do you use pi to find a circle's dimensions?

Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter of the circle.Therefore, if you measure the diameter of the circle (call it 'D') then the circumference of the circle is pi times D.To find the area of the circle use the formula Area = pi* D2 /4 .Going one step further, to a sphere, if you measure the radius of the sphere (call it R, where R is half the diameter D), then:1) The surface area of the sphere is Area = 4 * pi * R2 .2) The volume of the sphere is Volume = (4/3) * pi * R3 .

How do you get the circumference of a sphere?

pie times diameter is the circumference of a circle. a sphere is a 3-dimensional object and you dont take the circumference but rather you take the surface area. the circumference is to measure the total outside distance around the circle. the surface area is the measure the total outside distance around the sphere. remember a sphere is like a ball that is rounded. a circle is just a circle and can only be 2-dimensional.. like on paper

Why isn't the surface of a hemisphere not half the surface area of a sphere?

The surface area of a semicircle has the round surface which is half a sphere and also has the flat surface which is a circle.