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bad enough, with a magnitude of 5.3 - 5.9 with its epicentre beneath the Channel at a depth of 20 -25kms

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Q: How bad was the earthquake that hit England in 1580?
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Is the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the Pacific going to hit England 1132011?


How bad has Miyako Japan been hit by the earthquake?

The massive earthquake that hit Japan was rated an 8.9 on the Richter scale, which means that it was very large, and very devastating. This earthquake was much more powerful than that of the earthquake in Haiti. The earthquake that hit Japan caused a tsunami, which has killed hundreds, and thousands are still missing. Information is still being gathered at this time.

When was the last time England was hit by hurricane?

1762. bad times

Countries never hit by an earthquake?

Malaysia have never been hit by earthquake.

Did an earthquake hit New York?

No not New York but an earthquake hit Chile

How bad was the earthquake that hit Japan in 2011?

At first they estimated it as an 8.9 on the Richter scale, but later was revised as a 9.0.

What year did an earthquake hit China?

the earthquake hit china in 2000-2012 bewteen

Hardest hit area of haiti earthquake?

hardest hit area of the haiti earthquake

I had a nightmare about an earthquake after an earthquake hit my city?


When was Chile hit by earthquake?

Chile was hit by an earthquake early morning on Feb. 27th 2010

Did Japan get hit by an earthquake?

Yes. Japan was hit by an 8.9-scale earthquake on March 11, 2011. This is the largest earthquake in Japan's history.

Did tokoyo get hit in the Earthquake earthquake?

Tokyo did not get hit by the recent earthquake in Japan, however the stress from that earthquake has been moved along the plate bounday and therefore Tokyo is the next target for a major earthquake in Japan.

What happened in Japan when the earthquake hit?

After the earthquake hit the tsunami hit. It was a 9.2 the 5th biggest. Japan is still getting after shocks.

What is the name of the earthquake that hit turkey in 1999?

izmit earthquake

What happen after the Japan earthquake?

A tsunami hit japan after the earthquake.

What was the earthquake in haiti?

what time did the earthquake came and hit Haiti

When was Haiti hit by an earthquake in 2010?

The earthquake hit Haiti on 12 January 2010 at 4:53pm. The duration of the earthquake was believed to be about 35 seconds.

What hit atlantis a ttsunmai or an earthquake?

Actually, what hit Atlantis was both, a earthquake, then later, which destroyed it completely, was the tsunami. It was both that hit it, not one.

Where do earthquake most hit?


What part of Australia has a higher chance of getting hit by an earthquake?

dont you mean what part of an earthquake will get hit by australia

What is the probability an earthquake will hit the same area again?

there is a even chance that a earthquake will hit the same area again.

Were Black Veil Brides in the Japan earthquake?

They were touring in Japan when the earthquake hit. They were very close to the spot where it hit.

What was the size of the earthquake that hit Japan?

The Earthquake in Japan was a 9.0 magnitude.

What is the name of the earthquake that hit japan in 1995?

Great Hanshin earthquake .

When the next earthquake hit Hawaii?

It is impossible to predict when an earthquake will happen.