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Count the number of many times the graph intersects the x-axis. Each crossing point is a root of the equation.

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Q: How can a graph be used to determine how many solutions an equation has?
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Explain how to identify whether an equation has no solution or infinitely many solutions?

An equation can be determine to have no solution or infinitely many solutions by using the square rule.

If an equation is an identity how many solutions does it have?

An identity equation has infinite solutions.

How many solutions do a equation have?

It will depend on the equation.

How many solutions will a system have if the graph of the solution is coinciding lines?

no solutions

How many solutions will a system have if the graph of the solution is parallel lines?

No Solutions

What is Higuchi equation?

Higuchi equation and a type of graph. There are many ways to write out this type of graph.

How many solutions will a system have if the graph of the solution is not parallel lines?

infinitely many solutions :)

What is the discriminant to determine how many real number solutions the quadratic equation -4j2 plus 3j-28 equals 0 has?

The discriminant is -439 and so there are no real solutions.

How many solutions for x does the following equation have?

It has the following solutions.

If the discriminant of a quadratic equation is -4 how many solutions does the equation have?

If the discriminant of a quadratic equation is less then 0 then it will have no real solutions.

3 plus 6x equals 11-4y?

You'll need another equation to solve this one. The equation you give has a graph that is a line. Every point on the line is a solution to the equation so there are infinitely many solutions.

If an equation has a degree of three how many solutions will there be?

If the highest degree of an equation is 3, then the equation must have 3 solutions. Solutions can be: 1) 3 real solutions 2) one real and two imaginary solutions.

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