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A parallelogram is two triangle together.

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Q: How can a triangle fit into a parallelogram?
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What doesn't fit square circle triangle or parallelogram?

The circle - the rest are polygons.

Is a parallelogram a triangle?

No, a parallelogram is not a triangle because a parallelogram has four sides whereas a triangle has only three sides

How do you find the midpoint in a Parallelogram in a triangle?

The answer depends on how the parallelogram in the triangle is constructed.

Can a triangle have the same perimeter and area as a parallelogram?

I don't know about the relation in the perimeters of a triangle and a parallelogram but if a triangle is on the same base on which the parallelogram is and the triangle is between the same parallel lines of the parallelogram, then the area of the triangle will be half the area of the parallelogram. That is, area of a triangle = 1/2 area of a parallelogram if the triangle is on the same base and between the same parallel lines.

Why do you have to divide the area of a triangle and not a parallelogram?

you do it because the triangle is half the size of the parallelogram

Is a parallelogram an isosceles triangle?

No - a triangle by definition has 3 sides. A parallelogram has 4.

Is a triangle a parallallogram?

No, a triangle is not a a parallelogram

Is a triangle parallelogram?

No because a triangle has 3 sides whereas a parallelogram has 4 sides but they are both types of polygons

What kind of unit are in parallelogram?

Parallelogram, rhombus and triangle

How is area of triangle related to parallelogram?

If the heights and bases are the same, then the triangle is half the area of the parallelogram.

Is a obtuse triangle a parrallelogram?

No. A triangle has 3 sides, and a parallelogram has 4 sides. No kind of triangle can be a parallelogram, and no kind of parallelogram can be a triangle. The question is a lot like asking: Can this particular model of Toyota be a Ford ?

Is a scalene triangle a parallelogram?


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