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In many ways. It really depends on the algebraic expression. If several terms are added/subtracted, you can usually combine similar terms (terms that have the same combination of variables). If variables are multiplied, you can combine the same variable, adding the corresponding exponents. Sometimes expressions get simpler if you factor them; sometimes you have to multiply out (in other words, the opposite of factoring). Quite frequently, you have to use a combination of methods to simplify expressions. Take an algebra book, and look at some of the examples.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How can algebraic expressions be simplified?
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How an algebric expression with quadratic denominator is solved?

Algebraic expressions can't be solved because they are not equations but they can be simplified.

What is a process for evaluating expressions called?

Algebraic expressions can be simplified by combining together like terms but there are no solution because they don't contain equality signs

What is simplifying the expression?

Algebraic expressions contain alphabetic symbols as well as numbers. When an algebraic expression is simplified, an equivalent expression is found that is simpler than the original. This usually means that the simplified expression is smaller than the original. There is no standard procedure for simplifying all algebraic expressions because there are so many different kinds of expressions, but they can be grouped into three types: (a) those that can be simplified immediately without any preparation. (b) those that require preparation before being simplified. (c) those that cannot be simplified at all. <3 Tiffany ur welcome

Do algebraic expressions have equals signs?

no algebraic expressions do not have equal signs but equations do.

How do you classify algebraic expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

How are algebraic expressions and equations alike?

Algebraic expressions are the written relations of or between variables. For example, x2, 1/x, and x + y + z are all algebraic expressions. Algebraic equations are simply algebraic expressions that equate to something. For example, x2 = 4, 1/x = y, and x + y + z = 42 are all algebraic equations. In general, one differentiates algebraic expressions from exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic expressions by requiring algebraic expressions to be confined to polynomial expressions. I've added a link regarding polynomials below.

What is the word origin for algebraic expressions?

the word algebraic is arabic.

Do algebraic expressions have to have a variable?

Yes. That is the definition of an algebraic expression.

How do you know if you will subtract or add in simplifying algebraic expressions?

Only like terms can be subtracted or added in algebraic expressions.

Can algebraic expressions have exponents?


What Algebraic expressions?

An expression with a variable.

What are Algebraic Expresstion?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

What is alegebrac expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

How can algebraic expressions help you make decisions?

Algebraic expressions allow you to organize the information so you can make a easier decision

How do you solve algebraic expresions?

You solve algebraic expressions by getting the variable by itself.

What are algebraic terms and expressions?

An expression consists of algebraic terms and has no equality sign

How do you solve 1.50p plus 2.50p plus 3p This is a simplifying algebraic expressions and add subtract integer problem?

It is: 1.50p+2.50p+3p = 7p when simplified

What are linear algebraic expressions using fractional coefficients?

Rational linear expressions.

Can you make algebraic expressions and solutions?


What are factors made of?

Numbers or algebraic expressions.

How will you simplify algebraic expressions?

use a calculator

Who invented algebraic expressions?

isacc newton

Does an algebraic expressions have a single value?

Not necessarily.

Why do you use letters in algebraic expressions?

the reason you use letters in algebraic expressions is because you don't know the number so a letter replaces it.

What does simplify 2 to the third power plus 3 to the second power mean?

It means find the value of the expression. It cannot be simplified in the way that algebraic expressions usually are.